Top 5 Quarterbacks in the 2022 NFL Draft Class

This draft class will be one of the few occasions that we witness a quarterback not drafted in the first 10 spots. That is not to say the quarterbacks in this class aren’t talented, they certainly are, but we’ve seen better classes in year’s past and more teams have their quarterback situations in line for the next year. Nonetheless, we have ranked the top 5 quarterbacks in the 2022 NFL draft  class.

#1: Kenny Pickett – Pittsburgh

The Senior broke Dan Marino’s school record at Pittsburgh and finished 3rd in Heisman voting behind CJ Stroud and Bryce Young. Pickett should be the only quarterback in this draft class drafted in the top 16 of the first round. Pickett has the talent, but not hitting this level of performance until the age of 23 is a bit concerning for some teams that he’s already reached his peak. Pickett set the bar high as the best quarterback in this class, but we are hoping to see him improve upon that at the next level. 

#2: Matt Corral – Ole Miss

Corral had the privilege of playing under Lane Kiffin during his time at Ole Miss. This helps him prepare for the next level getting that type of leadership and experience in the SEC. Corral is a playmaker with the ability to grow his game in the right situation. Kiffin helped Corral improve his mobility, precision and overall game which makes him an interesting choice. We expect Corral to be the 2nd quarterback taken off the board. 

#3: Malik Willis – Liberty

The Auburn transfer catapulted his game once becoming the starting guy at Liberty. Willis is arguably the most athletic quarterback in this draft class with his deep throw capabilities and quick feet which allowed him to put up over 3,500 combined yards with almost 1,000 of that on the ground. Willis compares to quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts who have seen success in recent years and we hope to see Willis translate his talent into the NFL. We want to rank Willis higher, but the competition level he faced when at Liberty is significantly lower than what the pros will be like and even what the other quarterbacks on this list have faced. 

#4: Carson Strong – Nevada

The two knee injuries that Strong has endured has been a huge factor limiting him from being in the top 3 on this list and being in the Heisman discussions. Strong’s last name is a perfect description of what he is – strong. Strong has the best arm in this class, he is a younger version of Josh Allen. Allen wasn’t highly rated, went to a lower end D1 school and came out of California. If he can prevail past the knee injuries, Strong is a traditional pocket passer who has what it takes to succeed in the big league.

#5: Sam Howell – North Carolina

A year ago, Howell was the potential #1 pick in this draft class, but declined in his senior year at North Carolina. Howell should’ve entered the draft last year when his teammates left themselves, but stayed for one more year as the class was loaded with prospects like Lawrence, Wilson, Lance, Fields, and Jones. Howell wanted to set himself apart and ended up doing the opposite, hurting his draft stock with a rollercoaster campaign. Howell still is a top 5 prospect for what we’ve seen from him before, but this slid him down to a day 2 pick and still could find himself in a starting quarterback situation for a team needing one such as the Indianapolis Colts.

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