Who Will Be The Next Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

After moving on from Carson Wentz after one season, the Colts find themselves in a familiar place, looking for the next quarterback to take the reins. The Colts are on their 5th quarterback in just as many years and they are hoping this one will be a longer solution as Jacob Eason unfortunately was not the answer they were looking for. We’ll break down the top 5 candidates most likely to be the Colts quarterback next season. 

#1: Sam Ehlinger 

The Colts fully commit to 2021 6th round draft pick Sam Ehlinger as their future. The former 4 star recruit saw minimal playing time as he was on injured reserve for the better portion of the season, but he turned many heads during his high school days and showed flashes of stardom at Texas. Ehlinger is one of 2 quarterbacks currently on the Colts and is on a 4-year deal with Indianapolis, so we know they’re invested in his future. The Colts should bring someone in either via draft or free agency to compete with Ehlinger or groom him to be the starter as he has true promise to be a star if he can get healthy. 

#2: Sam Howell

The 2022 draft prospect somehow falls to the Colts with the 42nd overall pick. Most teams in the NFL have a QB plan in place and quarterbacks this year will be drafted later than normal. We expect Sam Howell to slide after his declining season for the Tar Heels in 2021. Howell is exactly what Indianapolis needs for the future and that’s a mobile quarterback which is something they’ve fought so much against throughout the years siding with traditional pocket passers like Wentz, Luck, Manning, and Rivers. Howell lands to the Colts as the 4th quarterback drafted after Pickett, Willis, and Corral go in the first round. 

#3: Jimmy Garoppolo

With both Rodgers & Wilson’s situations figured out for next season, Garoppolo remains as one of the last starting quarterbacks looking for a new home. The 49ers are going ahead with their plan asTrey Lance as their quarterback of the future leaving Jimmy Garoppolo as a trade candidate for teams. With most teams looking to get a bite at one of the bigger names, the 49ers haven’t received much traction for Jimmy G so far. With the quarterback market looking slimmer, the Colts should look at making a move for Jimmy G for around the same price they just received for Carson Wentz.

#4: Jordan Love

With Rodgers staying in Green Bay for another 4 years, Jordan Love’s outlook for the future and value just plummeted. The Packers stayed committed to Rodgers in giving him the money they were looking for as they did not believe in Love. The Packers should move on from Love now while he still has some relevance on the market before he becomes a career backup. The Colts could snag Love for a cheap price and get a potential steal in the underutilized quarterback. 

#5: Nick Foles

The Chicago Bears added both Nick Foles & Andy Dalton last season along with drafting Justin Fields in a series of very questionable moves. With a crowded quarterback field, it’s certain one of the two veterans needs to go as they are committing to Fields for the future and the more likely option is Foles. Foles is a more premium cost for a backup for the Bears and if they can get a 2nd/3rd round draft pick out of the Colts, this could be a beneficial move for both teams. Colts get another former Super Bowl quarterback and the Bears get a draft pick and some salary dumped off of them.

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