Grading the Carson Wentz Trade

The Carson Wentz era in Indianapolis was short lived as the Colts sent the young quarterback off to Washington after only one season. In his first season with the Colts, Wentz had over 3,500 yards, 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. The Colts will now move to their 5th quarterback in as many years in the 2022 season, but was that the right move for the Colts? We’ll grade how each team did in this trade. 

Indianapolis Colts Grade: A-

The only reason we gave this trade lower than an A was the Colts should have never traded for Wentz in the first place. The Colts managed to get almost as good of a return as what they had to pay for Wentz, but they shouldn’t have been in this situation. The Colts get a couple picks out of the deal and offload Wentz’s high salary. The Colts don’t have a quarterback of the future lined up unless they turn to 2nd year Sam Ehlinger. The Colts won this deal by dumping the salary onto the Commanders. 

Washington Commanders Grade: C

This was a puzzling trade for the Commanders. Sending away multiple draft picks and taking on an expensive draft bust. This is one they will soon regret. Washington was 7-8 with Taylor Heinecke as the starter last season, but neither him nor Ryan Fitzpatrick are the long-term options they were looking for. Wentz is not much of an upgrade over either one of them and one could argue they would rather have one of the other two under center. Washington took a step in the wrong direction with this one. The only saving grace out of this is if Wentz finds success with Terry McLaurin, arguably the best receiver he will have the opportunity to play with. 

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