Grading the Amari Cooper Trade

The Dallas Cowboys shipped wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a 5th round pick and swapping 6th round picks. The Cowboys made it clear their intentions of trading away Cooper, but we did not expect the Browns to be buyers on the former Pro Bowl wide receiver. We’ll break down the grades for both the Cowboys and Browns in this one. 

Dallas Cowboys Grade: C+

The Cowboys needed the cap space and with getting rid of Cooper, this will save $16 million for them. This was beneficial to allow them to do more in free agency and afford Dak’s salary along with the franchise tag placed on Dalton Schultz. However, we think the Cowboys should have kept Cooper and parted ways with another veteran player on the offense who would save them money in Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke is a great running back, but this year we definitely saw him regress compared to what we’ve seen in the past. Backup Tony Pollard often looked like the starter, was more explosive and even saw a significant chunk of the workload given to him as a result. The Cowboys could have gotten a bigger return for Ezekiell Elliott, kept Cooper, saved the cap space, and paved the way for Pollard to be the clear #1 starter which he will most likely be after this season. The Cowboys could have done more and getting a 5th round pick as the highlight was not a great bargain. 

Cleveland Browns Grade: A – 

The Browns have officially replaced Odell Beckham Jr. after he refused to play for the Cleveland Browns during last season due to lack of targets from Baker Mayfield. Mix that with the Browns poor record, OBJ wanted out and the Browns had no choice but to let him walk. The Browns got a former Pro Bowl receiver in Amari Cooper to give Baker Mayfield one last chance to prove himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL. The Browns have the cap space to acquire him and made the right decision trying to piece this high-powered offense back together. If the defense can improve, then the Browns are in business to make the playoffs. 

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