Trent Williams Becomes Highest Paid Offensive Lineman in NFL History

The 49ers are back at it again making history after they made Kyle Juszczyk the highest paid fullback in history, they re-signed offensive lineman Trent Williams to another record-breaking deal. The 49ers and Williams agreed to a six-year, $138 million dollar deal of which $55 million is guaranteed.  The 32 year old veteran excelled in his first season with San Francisco after spending the remaining portion of his career with Washington. Williams earned himself his 8th consecutive Pro Bowl nod and the largest deal for an offensive lineman in history for his incredible blocking capabilities. The only thing that could have made this deal better for the 49ers was limiting the length of the contract. Williams will be entering his age 33 season and will be 39 by the time the contract has run its course. This is a rather long term for a player of his age and he deserves every bit of the yearly salary, but a lower length would be ideal for a team that will be more competitive in the short term. 

The 49ers made an addition to their offensive line by signing former Atlanta Falcons center Alex Mack to a one-year deal. The 49ers went through the 2020 season riddled with injuries for practically half the team. The 49ers will be healthy and looking to add pieces to get even better than they were in the 2019 season. With the recent signing of Mack paired with retaining Williams and Jusczczyk, the 49ers have the potential to be a real threat in the NFL.

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