Top Underrated NFL Free Agency Signings

This NFL Free Agency has been a frenzy to say the least. Tom Brady leaving New England for Tampa Bay, Phillip Rivers going to Indy and Deandre Hopkins being traded to the Arizona Cardinals. Without live action sports, this NFL Offseason has been all the craze with plenty of ensuing madness. Many big names have swapped teams and some are still looking for a team, but with all the madness going on, 3 teams have found great value for a reasonable sticker price and these are the 3 best bargain free agency signings during this offseason.

Nickell Robey-Colrmsn

Nickell Robey-Coleman, Philadelphia Eagles

Robey-Coleman who is most infamously known for the missed pass interference call against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game has found a new home with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are rebuilding their secondary with the trade for Darius Slay from the Lions and the low-budget sign for Nickell Robey-Coleman from the Rams. Darius Slay will take over the top cornerback position for the Philadelphia Eagles needing it. But the real bargain signing was getting Robey-Coleman for pennies on the dollar as they signed the veteran to a one year deal for one million dollars. This is a steal for an above-average cornerback who will be competing for the second starting cornerback position for the Eagles. Whether Robey-Coleman earns that starting position or not, he is a top-tier nickelback and will fit well into certain defensive units. Robey-Coleman and Slay will help make up for the loss of Malcolm Jenkins and turn the Eagles secondary around.

Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers

Ekeler stepped up to the plate when star running back Melvin Gordon went down with a gruesome injury that left him sidelined for a significant portion of time. Last season, Gordon returned from his injury and the Chargers front office did not want to cut Ekeler for Gordon so instead the two split sessions which led to a top-tier running regime. With the choice of paying top dollar for Godon who already had a contract holdout once with the Chargers or getting Ekeler for pennies on the dollar. Ekeler was a solid running back for the past two seasons for the Chargers and will be sitting in Los Angeles with them for the next four years on a $24,500,000 deal. Ekeler will be a leader in the rebuilding Chargers offense and was a great bargain deal for a running back who is looking to carry the heavy lifting from here on out.

Eric Ebron

Eric Ebron, Pittsburgh Steelers

The stand-out tight end for the Indianapolis Colts swapped jerseys this offseason and made the switch to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers are notorious for having a solid and reliable core of tight ends. Eric Ebron is a new addition into this long history for the Pittsburgh Steelers and is already looking forward to working with new teammate Ben Roethlisberger. Ebron is exactly what Big Ben needed as he is looking to find new energy in his dwindling professional days. Ebron was a steal for the Pittsburgh Steelers as they snagged the tight end in his prime for a two-year, $12 million contract. Ebron will fit well with Big Ben’s pass-heavy playing style and a second pro bowl is not out of the question for the rising star. The Steelers will make great use of Ebron and for the price they paid for him was more than a bargain for a player trying to make best of their prime years.

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