Fantasy Baseball Draft Tips for a 60 Game Season

With the MLB set to begin in the upcoming weeks, Fantasy Baseball Players are looking to start their leagues back up with a new look on the season. With only 60 games being played in this season of the MLB, fantasy baseball players are going to have to draft strategically if they are looking to come out on top of their leagues. Here are some of our tips in how to draft in fantasy baseball with a limited season.

#1: Be hesitant with drafting prospects

With a shortened season, most teams are looking to be in a win-now mode and the development of their prospects and the farm system being put on pause, young players might not even get the chance to make it to the majors this year. This makes the case for keeping a rising prospect on your team tough when you can fill that spot with someone who has already established themselves in the majors and guaranteed to start from day one. 

#2: Stock up on relief pitchers

Starting pitchers get the most benefit out of the preseason to help build their arm up and be ready for the season. With only having the opportunity to start a limited number of games this season, many starting pitchers won’t be at their best for a good majority of the season. I’d look into bulking up on relief pitchers and closers to help keep your pitching stats in line. Relief pitchers have been on the rise in ownership for Fantasy Baseball players over the last few years and there’s a reason for that with the abundance of talent across the league. This season, relief pitchers will be crucial in the late game stages to help lead their team and your Fantasy Baseball team to the victory.

#3: Avoid players coming off any injuries

This is something to always be cautious for when drafting in your Fantasy Baseball League, but now more than ever as players won’t have the time to fully recover from their injury and have their typical stint in the minor leagues for rehabilitation. Without the ability to do this, players are going to play not fully healed, not fully trained, and can play worse than normal or even potentially re-injure themselves. 

#4: Look at Team’s Schedules 

With a shortened season, we have no idea what the landscape of the MLB is going to look like. Many teams start slow and gain momentum after their first 50 games, some teams start fast and crash in the last 20 games, all we know is this is going to be a race to get ahead. Every game matters at this point and if you have a tougher strength of schedule, it’s going to be a long road to your team in the playoffs. I’d look out for players on teams facing tough schedules, especially when looking to draft pitchers. Pitchers only start once every few games and if a team has a consistently tough series, it’s going to be an uphill battle for those players.

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