Top 5 Quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft less than 2 months away, NFL executives are scrambling to figure out whether they should sign a reliable option via free agency or seek an unproven quarterback in the draft. This year’s draft is loaded with options at quarterback and we break down the value that each of the top 5 quarterbacks in the draft bring and why they are their designated rankings. 

#1: Joe Burrow, LSU Tigers

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow, the transfer student from Ohio State was given a fresh start at Louisiana State and has taken full advantage of the opportunity by winning the Heisman trophy with an astounding 93.8% of the possible votes. Burrow has been the best player in all of college football this past season which led to leading his LSU Tigers to coming out as the National Champions. Burrow is a National Championship Winner, Heisman Winner and an overall stellar quarterback which is why the Bengals will select Burrow with the #1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. 

#2: Justin Herbert, Oregon Ducks

Justin Herbert

Herbert has been a leader of the Oregon Ducks offense for four straight years and put up career highs in yards and touchdowns during his senior campaign. Herbert has the build of your typical pocket passer which allows him to thrive under pressure. Herbert might have the best arm in all of college football and could lob deep balls like no other. Herbert has great play recognition and on many occasions has made a play out of nothing. Herbert can find an open man and this will allow him to excel in the NFL for a team with a traditional offensive dynamic. Herbert would be a good fit for the Miami Dolphins as an upgrade to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen. Rosen and Fitzpatrick both have similar play styles and Herbert is quicker on his feet, more precise, and has the athleticism to thrive. The dolphins are undergoing an extensive rebuild and Herbert is someone the Dolphins can build around and with a young receiving corps who love to go deep, Herbert would make a great fit.

#3: Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama Crimson Tide


With what many people thought going into the College Football Season would be the #1 pick, Tua was hit with a dislocated hip injury midway through the season and came off of multiple ankle surgeries. These injuries are why Tua dropped down to #3 on this list as it could be a big concern to many NFL Teams looking for a guy who can release the ball quickly and accurately. Tua is a leader on and off the field but will his leadership and abilities on the field make the difference or will teams be so set on his injuries? Teams who are looking for a quarterback that they can train under an existing one over the course of the season would allow Tua to rehab effectively and give him the time he needs to develop into an NFL caliber quarterback. However, the teams looking to do that are very limited as veteran quarterbacks are plentiful this free agency with big names like Phillip Rivers, Andy Dalton, and future Hall of Famer Tom Brady are hot commodities on the market. The Redskins are in desperate need of a Quarterback as Haskins looked like a bust in his first NFL season. The Cardinals drafted Kyler Murray after Rosen’s lackluster season and the Redskins should be expected to do the same with Tua. 

#4: Jacob Eason, Washington Huskies

Jacob Eason

Another transfer player on this list who started at Georgia before losing his starting position to Jake Fromm and transferring to the Huskies to be their #1, Jacob Eason. Eason has made great strides since leaving Georgia and was a star quarterback for the Huskies. Eason is still developing as a quarterback and if he returned might be the #1 quarterback on this list next year, but he has entered the draft as a quarterback with some experience looking to make a difference with a new team. Eason has shown he has what it takes to work with multiple offensive schemes effectively. As he prepares for the draft, a team looking for a long-term franchise quarterback should be seeking Eason in the draft. The New England Patriots would be a likely landing spot for Eason as he is looking to develop his skills and is poised for NFL success.

#5: Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma Sooners

Jalen Hurts

The story of College Football this year is the success of the transfer quarterback. Jalen Hurts was Alabama’s leader before being benched in the National Championship game of all places for Tua. Hurts transferred to the Sooners after his fall with Alabama and has proven he should be a starting quarterback in College Football and potentially the NFL as well. Hurts is a stat-packing machine by putting up nearly 4,000 yards his senior season and over 30 touchdowns. The Sooners were thankful to have Hurts as he helped lead them to being in the College Football Playoffs. Hurts has a very similar play style to Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting Quarterback, Jameis Winston. A team that can use a signal caller like Winston under center is the Los Angeles Chargers who recently cut ties with Phillip Rivers and could use a new leader. Hurts could rely on rising stars such as Ekeler and Allen to help ignite his development in the league.

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