2023 NFL Draft: Biggest Reach in Each Round

The early rounds of the 2023 NFL draft saw some of the most shocking slides we’ve seen in recent draft history. These slides happened as a result of some teams taking some big reaches. We’ll be breaking down the biggest reach from each round of the 2023 NFL draft. 

Round 1: Jahmyr Gibbs, RB – Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions continue to surprise us with their head scratching moves. After letting Jamaal Williams walk in free agency, they brought in David Montgomery which we can live with. However, during the draft they traded running back D’Andre Swift away for essentially a single mid-round pick and decided to draft Jahmyr Gibbs at #12 after trading back from the 6th spot where they could have selected Bijan Robinson if they planned to take a running back. All of these moves we don’t have answers for on why they did them, but both picks in the 1st round for Detroit were head scratchers and earned one of our lowest grades of the draft. 

Round 2: Isaiah Foskey, DL – New Orleans Saints

It’s apparent that the Saints need help on their defensive line. However, after using their 1st round selection on Bryan Bresee to help the line, we would have liked to see this pick spent on one of their other defensive needs. Foskey is a great player, but the Saints could have easily traded back in the 2nd to get him later on or even in the 3rd round. 

Round 3: Garrett Williams, DB – Arizona Cardinals

This class had a nice depth of defensive backs to choose from which left us wondering how Garrett Williams was selected in the 3rd round until we realized it was the Arizona Cardinals who made the pick. There were a handful of defensive backs that would’ve been better to take at this spot including Riley Moss, Kelee Ringo, or even Darius Rush who somehow slid all the way to the 5th. 

Round 4: Chad Ryland, K – New England Patriots

The Patriots weren’t the first team to select a kicker in the draft, but it’s who they selected that is what we’re concerned with. Ryland was the 4th ranked kicker on our list and was taken 2nd after Moody. The Patriots did not need to select him this early and could’ve waited another round before drafting a kicker. The 49ers should have also waited to take Moody, but the Patriots picking the 4th best kicker this early is a bit of a reach. 

Round 5: Sean Clifford, QB – Green Bay Packers

The Packers traded away Aaron Rodgers and extended Jordan Love as they go all in on Love. They decided to use their 5th round pick on drafting a backup quarterback for Love, but this was a big reach and should’ve gone with a safer option earlier on as they certainly didn’t have a lack of picks throughout the draft. 

Round 6: Bryce Baringer, P – New England Patriots

Surprisingly, the 6th round had some hidden gems on both sides of the field from JL Skinner to Luke Wypler to Zach Evans that made picking someone from this round a bit more difficult. We don’t hate this pick by the Pats but after already taking a placekicker earlier on, we don’t like the doubling down on rookies for the special teams. 

Round 7: Ethan Evans, P – Los Angeles Rams

After Evans, there were zero punters selected in the 7th round. The Rams did not need to utilize a pick on a punter and could have gotten someone on the offensive or defensive line instead of wasting this pick on a punter that they could have added as an undrafted free agent shortly after the draft concluded.

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