2023 NFL Draft: Best Value Pick in Each Round

The 2023 NFL Draft will be known for the draft that Will Levis who was a top 5 projected pick and a potential option to go #1 overall not see his name called at all on day 1. Levis was picked up on day 2, but there are several other players who also didn’t hear their name called until much later than they should have been. We’ll be breaking down the best value picks from each round of the 2023 NFL Draft. 

Round 1: Christian Gonzalez, DB – New England Patriots

The first round contained a handful of picks of insane bargains teams were able to get thanks in part to other teams reaching. The Eagles landing Carter at 9 or the Bills getting the best tight end in the class in the mid-20’s were both exceptional picks, but the best value we have to go with in the 1st round was Christian Gonzalez at #17 to New England. Gonzalez is the 2nd best defensive back in this class and is a top 10 talent, falling out of the top 10 was surprising to us, yet alone #17 to Bill Bellichick who is known for getting great defensive players through the draft. 

Round 2: Will Levis, QB – Tennessee Titans

The shocking fall of Will Levis out of the first round left us all stunned. Thankfully for his sake, he didn’t need to wait long to hear his name called on day 2 as the Tennessee Titans traded up to get him. The Titans aren’t confident in Malik Willis and Ryan Tannehill’s age showed this past year as he battled injuries. The Titans needed a quarterback of the future and after passing on Levis in round 1 to get one of the top offensive lineman in the class, they still managed to get Levis and not pay a premium price for him by having to trade into the 1st round or use their 11th overall selection. 

Round 3: Darnell Washington, TE – Pittsburgh Steelers

Kenny Pickett didn’t have the greatest first year in the league, but the Steelers are hopeful that it’ll be a different story this year. The Steelers waited until the 3rd round to draft a pass catcher and they got one of the better tight ends in this class in the 3rd that should have been a round 2 pick. Washington is another target that can help catapult Pickett’s year 2 growth. 

Round 4: Kelee Ringo, DB – Philadelphia Eagles

After landing one of the best talents of the whole draft all the way in the 9th spot in Jalen Carter, the Philadelphia Eagles continue with bringing in Georgia Bulldogs with defensive back Kelee Ringo. This was another great pick by the Eagles who had a phenomenal draft weekend, especially for a team coming off a Super Bowl appearance. 

Round 5: Henry To’oTo’o, LB – Houston Texans

The Texans went heavier on defense this draft with trading up for Will Anderson at #3 overall, but our favorite defensive selection of the draft was the steal they got all the way back in the 5th of getting a versatile linebacker line To’oTo’o added. 

Round 6: Luke Wypler, OL – Cleveland Browns

With interior linemen not being a priority for most teams in the draft, it makes sense why some of them would slip such as O’Cyrus Torrence, but for someone who isn’t far off Torrence’s level like Luke Wypler and slipping to the 6th round is crazy. Teams often need tackles over guards and Wypler is someone who is the ideal guard you need. For a team like Cleveland to get him with the elite running back Nick Chubb, this should make Chubb pleased. 

Round 7: DeWayne McBride, RB – Minnesota Vikings

After Bijan Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs, the running backs in this draft were an intriguing group. The two that surprised us the most were Brad Roberts & DeWayne McBride. Roberts & McBride were #1 & #2 in Division 1 for rushing yards yet Roberts went undrafted & McBride barely survived the draft being selected late in the 7th. McBride is a speedy back out of UAB and the 1,713 yards he got on the ground, he earned those yards. McBride is a home run pick for the Vikings who’s days with Dalvin Cook as the lead back are dwindling.

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