2023 NFL Draft: Top 5 QB Prospects

After a disappointing quarterback class in 2022 that only saw 1 quarterback taken in the first 2 rounds, the 2023 NFL Draft should have 4 quarterbacks taken in that span. Multiple of the quarterbacks this year can very well be taken in the top 10 overall picks as several teams are in need of their quarterback of the future. We’ll be breaking down the top 5 quarterbacks heading into this year’s loaded draft class. 

#1: Bryce Young – Alabama

The consensus #1 quarterback is Bryce Young out of Alabama. Bryce Young was the #1 quarterback recruit out of high school in 2020 and lived up to the expectations with a National Championship and Heisman Trophy during his tenure with the Crimson Tide. 

#2: C.J. Stroud – Ohio State

Justin Fields appears to have broken the curse of Ohio State quarterbacks not translating their game over into the NFL which should make NFL scouts feel better about taking him in the top 10 overall picks. The last 2 years, Stroud has been a finalist for the Heisman and finished 2nd in all of FBS in passing touchdowns in 2022. Stroud has the best arm we’ve seen from an Ohio State quarterback in a while. 

#3: Will Levis – Kentucky

The school with a historic basketball program has emerged as having a legitimate football program in recent years. The Wildcats have produced some serious talent in recent years in WanDale Robinson, Za’Darius Smith, & Josh Allen. Enter Will Levis into the equation, he is the best prospect that the school has arguably ever seen. Transferring to Kentucky from Penn State was also the best decision he could have made as he’s had a great last two seasons and played through injury and a rough offensive line in 2022 with still managing a QB rating of 99.1. Levis has a cannon for an arm and teams in the hunt for a quarterback that has fast receivers on the roster now should be putting Levis high on their draft boards. 

#4: Anthony Richardson – Florida

Anthony Richardson is the Lamar Jackson of this draft class. Richardson is an elite runner, has a huge arm, but his weakness is on accuracy and questionable play making. Richardson has high potential but missing open receivers is something that will need to be resolved if he wants to maintain a starting position in the NFL. If Richardson doesn’t land on a team with a solid offensive line, we don’t see his talent translating well over into the NFL. 

#5: Hendon Hooker – Tennessee

After the first four quarterbacks in this draft, there is a big drop off until you arrive at the #5 spot. There’s multiple quarterbacks that can land here, but we’ve opted for Hendon Hooker. Hooker was slow to develop in college, but had a respectable senior season that saw Tennessee make appearances in the top 25.

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