2023 Preseason AL Award Predictions

Opening day is tomorrow and after the thrill from the World Baseball Classic, everyone is in anticipation eagerly waiting for the season to arrive. Before the season gets kicked off, we’ll be breaking down our predictions for who’s going to take home the top 3 awards in the American League. 

AL MVP: Shohei Ohtani – Los Angeles Angels

The 2021 AL MVP & the 2023 World Baseball Classic MVP, Shohei Ohtani is without a doubt, the most exciting player in all of baseball to watch. Ohtani is the best two-way player we’ve seen since Babe Ruth and Ohtani isn’t good at just one of the two, he excels in both. Ohtani consistently remains towards the top of the league in major categories. Aaron Judge’s home run record last year warranted him the title, but Ohtani is doing it all and deserves every bit of praise he gets for it. 

AL Cy Young: Gerritt Cole – New York Yankees

The MLB strikeout leader in 2022 is a pitcher that batters fear to go up against. Only once in the last 5 seasons has Cole not been selected as an all star and even during that season he was still on the All-MLB second team. The only feat Cole has yet to accomplish is winning a CY Young and this season is going to be his year to do it. 

AL Rookie of the Year: Gunnar Henderson – Baltimore Orioles

The #1 prospect in all of baseball is easily the frontrunner for the AL Rookie of the Year. Henderson and this young Orioles squad has a lot of hope for their future as things are starting to look better for the organization. We expect Henderson to pull off a Julio Rodriguez like season and be the runaway favorite early on.

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