2023 AFC & NFC Championship Predictions

Only 2 games left until the Super Bowl and both these matchups feature the best of the best in the league. You have 3 of the best quarterbacks in the league, 2 of the best defenses, and some of the most versatile playmakers in the league. This is one of the most anticipated Championship weekends we’ve had in a while and we’ll be breaking down the 2 teams who are going to survive their tough matchups to make their way to the Super Bowl. 

San Francisco 49ers (#2) at Philadelphia Eagles (#1)

The 2 teams with the best record in the NFC are the 2 teams that are still standing. The Philadelphia Eagles who were dominant for most of the season and then the hottest team in the NFL, the 49ers who hold the longest active win streak in the league. Both of these teams have been at the top of their game this year as the Eagles are 3rd in total yards on offense and 2nd in yards allowed on defense, meanwhile the 49ers aren’t far behind with 5th most yards on offense and 1st in yards allowed on defense. This is truly a matchup between two juggernauts  despite Jalen Hurts playing through an injury and the 49ers having to start Brock Purdy. This is going to be a close matchup with the winner of this game going to be the favorite to win the Super Bowl. Brock Purdy has yet to lose as a starter and it’s going to be hard to bet against someone who is in the zone right now. We expect big games from Deebo, CMC, & Hurts, but the 49ers defense is what’s going to be the difference maker in sending this team to the Super Bowl. The 49ers defense is healthy right now and playing at their top game, it’s going to be the toughest matchup that Hurts has faced yet. Purdy has won in some tough games thus far, but the Eagles offense hasn’t fared as well when stacked up against some of the upper echelon of defenses. 

Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Cincinnati Bengals (#3) at Kansas City Chiefs (#1)

In a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship matchup, the Chiefs are seeking revenge on Joe Burrow & the Bengals. However, the last 3 times these teams have faced, it’s been all Who Dey nation as Arrowhead Stadium has been renamed Burrowhead Stadium. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, this isn’t the game that they’re going to be able to beat their demons and get past the Bengals. The Bengals just pulled off a huge road win against Buffalo with the only thing colder than the temperature in Buffalo was the ice in Joe Burrow’s veins. The Chiefs might have a more talented team, but the Bengals have a gritty nature to them and are putting doubters to rest with commanding wins to start the playoffs against Baltimore and the Bills. The Bengals lost in heartbreak fashion during last year’s Super Bowl and are a real contender to win this year. The ankle injury Mahomes suffered last week is going to put a dent in the Mahomes Magic that we’re used to seeing as they are going to have to change their play calling. Travis Kelce is going to need to be relied on even more this game and if the Bengals can hold the rest of the offense as Kelce is going to be tough to stop, then they should come out on top and be in the Super Bowl for the 2nd straight year. 

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

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