2023 AFC Divisional Round Predictions

The AFC Wild Card round saw a 27-0 comeback, a 98 yard fumble return, and a 7th round rookie quarterback nearly pull off the unthinkable. The AFC Wild Card round was full of surprises and we’re breaking down our predictions for the AFC Divisional round that lies ahead. 

Jacksonville Jaguars (#4) at Kansas City Chiefs (#1)

The Jacksonville Jaguars pulled off one of the greatest come from behind wins against the Los Angeles Chargers last week after being down 27-0 and fighting back to win 31-30 in a thriller. The Chargers collapsed and have done so multiple times over the last couple years under coach Brandon Staley during crucial moments. The Chargers have some tough decisions to make, but the Jaguars are in love with their decision to bring Doug Pederson on board who has taken this team to the playoffs in his first year as the head coach. A playoff win in his first season gives a lot of hope for the future of this franchise despite the inevitable loss they are about to face against Kansas City. Kansas City is a different breed than the Chargers and they turn it on in the 4th quarter while others lose it. The Chiefs make their way back to the AFC Championship game again. 

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs win 31-13 over the Jacksonville Jaguars

Cincinnati Bengals (#3) at Buffalo Bills (#2)

The Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills meet again after the unfortunate incident with Damar Hamlin. This time around, the game is in Buffalo and the Bills are giving it their all for Hamlin right now. They had a commanding win against the Pats to end the year and held off the Dolphins again to prove they’re the best team in the AFC East now. The Bengals will be down multiple offensive lineman which is going to prove costly for them. We saw how they fared in the Super Bowl last year with Aaron Donald owning Joe Burrow and we think the Bills core is going to make it a long day for Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense. 

Winner: Buffalo Bills win 27-17 over the Cincinnati Bengals

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