2023 AFC Wild Card Predictions

The 2023 NFL playoffs are here and we’re breaking down the 3 AFC Wild Card matchups taking place this weekend. It’ll be an entertaining opening playoff weekend and we’re predicting the winners from each of these 3 games along with the final score.

Buffalo Bills (#2) vs. Miami Dolphins (#7)

The Dolphins have already ruled Tua Tagovailoa out and Teddy Bridgewater is doubtful as well as Skylar Thompson has been preparing to start. Skylar Thompson notched his first career win against the New York Jets in an ugly 9-6 field goals only bout to send Miami to the playoffs. Without a viable option at quarterback for the Dolphins, this matchup is going to get ugly fast. The Bills should win comfortably while the Dolphins fall apart. This game should also give Josh Allen and some starters more rest as they won’t need to play much more than the 1st half as they get out to an early lead. 

Final Score Prediction: Buffalo beating Miami 31-6

Cincinnati Bengals (#3) vs. Baltimore Ravens (#6)

Another team who will be down their starting quarterback in a crucial wild card game is the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson just isn’t ready to play yet with his knee and without Lamar, the Ravens offense hasn’t done much. Tyler Huntley who should return from injury himself should fare better than Anthony Brown did under center, but without Lamar, the Ravens offense is very stoppable. Lamar gave them the wild card that the Bengals had a difficult time overcoming, but they will be without him, giving the Bengals one step closer on their Super Bowl redemption path. 

Final Score Prediction: Cincinnati beating Baltimore 24-10

Jacksonville Jaguars (#4) vs. Los Angeles Chargers (#5)

One of the best matchups of the wild card weekend will surprisingly be the Jacksonville Jaguars hosting the Los Angeles Chargers. Both are led by young quarterbacks who are the future of their respective franchises and have a lot of hope for the future. The Chargers have the better talent, but the Jaguars have the better coaching. We’ve learned first hand just because you have better talent doesn’t mean you’ll win games with the Broncos this season as poor coaching decisions led them to a horrific season. The Jaguars outcoach the Chargers, but Justin Herbert pulls off a miracle for the Chargers late in the 4th connecting with his veteran wideouts to send the Chargers into the divisional round. 

Final Score Prediction: Chargers beating Jaguars 31-27

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