Top 3 NFL Teams That Should Sign Odell Beckham Jr.

With NFL playoffs less than a month away, some teams are fighting for a chance to make the playoffs or hunting for that top seed in their divisions. We’ve highlighted 3 teams that are in the playoff hunt and could use a little extra boost to push them to the next tier by signing Odell Beckham Jr. 

#1: Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills currently sit atop the entire AFC. They have been one of the Super Bowl favorites from the start. Josh Allen is in discussions to win MVP and if he can get his team in contention for a Super Bowl, there is a good case for why he should earn it. Allen has thrived with Stefon Diggs, but after Diggs, he’s built connections with Gabe Davis, Isaiah McKenzie, and Dawson Knox. Those connections can be stronger and have more support which is why the Bills brought in Cole Beasley who came out of retirement to play for them. Cole Beasley was non-existent in his short stint with Tampa Bay earlier this year and we don’t expect him to make any impact. Despite the signing of Beasley, it is still a possibility that the Bills could sign Odell Beckham Jr. at some point. OBJ provides Allen with another deep threat alongside Diggs who is often double covered. This could be a very smart move for a team that has a quarterback with a cannon of an arm like Josh Allen. 

#2: Dallas Cowboys

Since Dak Prescott has been back in the lineup, the Cowboys have been on a roll despite a near upset to the Houston Texans. The Cowboys always are a sleeper to win the Super Bowl, but this year with their defense they have a legitimate shot. Their offense could use some work to give CeeDee Lamb more support as he’s doing all of the receiving efforts himself it seems like. Odell would fit very nicely within the Cowboys offense and take some pressure away from Lamb. 

#3: New York Giants 

How fitting would it be to see Odell Beckham Jr. back in a Giants uniform? The potential for a reunion makes this an interesting opportunity. The Giants are on a losing streak right now and still have a chance to make the playoffs. One of the biggest things they are missing is an effective passing game. OBJ would see the highest snap count in the Giants offense and would be relied on a bit more than the other teams. We would love to see OBJ back in his prime and this would be the closest we would get to seeing that again.

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