2022 NFL 100 – Top 10 Players – Who will take the throne?

We’ve been counting down the top 100 players in the NFL and we’ve come to the top 10. This group is the elite of the elite, the best players in the league, consisting of many future hall of famers. Who will take the throne as the best of the best?

#10: Nick Bosa – San Francisco 49ers

The younger of the 2 Bosa Brothers is a nightmare for quarterbacks. Bosa led the NFL in tackles for a loss and was 4th in sacks. Nick Bosa bounced back from a season-ending injury in 2020 and helped the 49ers defense surge to the playoffs. The Bosa Brothers are the best set of brothers currently playing in the NFL.

#9: Myles Garrett – Cleveland Browns

At Halloween time, Myles Garrett puts out decorations involving the quarterbacks he’s about to face to put on his list. These are the quarterbacks he is targeting to take down. Garrett has made it his mission to put fear into team’s playing him and he’s done a very good job at doing so. The Browns have had terrible luck with drafting players in the 1st round, but getting Garrett at #1 overall in 2017 has paid dividends.

#8: Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins gave an arm & a leg to bring the “Cheetah” to South Beach in exchange for 5 draft picks. The Dolphins won this deal by a mile to bring top-tier talent to give Tua weapons. Tua now has a top tackle, a top receiver, a stud sophomore, and swift running backs, there are no excuses now. The talent that Tyreek Hill brings to the Dolphins is a game-changer. For fantasy owners, he might see a dip in production, but in overall talent and skill brought to the game, Hill is one of the best receivers in the game and can outrun any defender in the league. 

#7: Davante Adams – Las Vegas Raiders

In a crazy offseason, Davante Adams requested a trade and was able to get paired up with college teammate Derek Carr. The Raiders needed a #1 WR for Derek Carr and not only did they get a new WR1 but they got the best wide receiver currently in the NFL. Adams is at the top of his game right now and we hope he can continue putting up the numbers he is. 

#6: Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The greatest to ever do it and legend himself, Tom Brady lands on this year’s list in the #6 slot. Brady is entering his age 45 season which is an incredible feat in itself. Brady is hungry for one more ring and is coming out of a quick retirement to get it. The Bucs are in a good spot with plenty of options including new additions Russell Gage & Julio Jones to give Brady more weapons at his disposal. Brady has a talented group to work with and we hope to see him make a run at it. 

#5: Trent Williams – San Francisco 49ers

The highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL is making the big bucks for a reason. After recovering from a cancerous growth that derailed his entire chances of playing in 2019, Trent Williams had it removed and has continued to be the best left tackle in the NFL. The 49ers got Williams for a bargain trade and he should help catapult the future of Trey Lance into a legitimate starting quarterback.

#4: T.J. Watt – Pittsburgh Steelers

After being snubbed for defensive player of the year in 2020 after leading the league in sacks & tackles for a loss, Watt followed that up with repeating leading the league, but put up even higher numbers that not only earned him defensive player of the year in 2021, but broke the NFL record for sacks in a season with 22.5. Since 2018, Watt has been a sack machine and is on pace to break more records in that category. Soon, we expect Watt to claim the top defensive player in the league, not just for one season, but overall for the future from Aaron Donald who’s held the title for a couple seasons now.

#3: Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

Coming off of back to back MVPs, the 38 year old quarterback is hoping to join his predecessor in Brett Favre as one of two players in NFL history to win 3 MVPs consecutively. To do so, Rodgers will have his toughest challenge yet without all-pro Davante Adams and arguably having the worst receiving corps of his entire career. Rodgers has the cards cut out for him, but if someone can rise to the occasion, he is one of those guys you would want to do it.

#2: Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

Despite not making it to the Super Bowl or winning a MVP like the other elite quarterbacks on this list, Josh Allen enters the 2022 season as the #1 quarterback. We expect a huge season incoming for the Bills & Josh Allen. We expect them to make a deep run and potentially reach the Super Bowl. Josh Allen finally seems to have solved the quarterback woes the Bills have endured for nearly 2 decades with Josh Allen being the long-term answer. The best part is he hasn’t even entered his prime yet. Allen gets the job done both in the air with his rocket arm, but on the ground as a dynamic playmaker. Allen is our favorite to win MVP this year and the future of the NFL is looking bright.

#1: Aaron Donald – Los Angeles Rams

A regular we are used to seeing at the top of this list is Aaron Donald. Donald has made the Pro Bowl every season he has been in the NFL which is huge, especially since he’s been in the league for 8 seasons now. The Rams winning the Super Bowl was very deserving for Aaron Donald as he gets to put another mark on his hall of fame career. Donald made the all-decades team of the 2010’s and we think he’ll end up making the 2020’s team as well with how dominant of a player he has been. Aaron Donald holds the throne as the best player in the NFL for another year. 

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