2022 NFL Draft: Top 5 Wide Receiver Prospects

Much like last year, this year’s wide receiver draft class is loaded! There is a lot of depth at the position in the class and we can see nearly a dozen of these young prospects drafted within the first two rounds. We expect the top 5 on this list to all be drafted on opening day and for good reason. 

#1: Garrett Wilson – Ohio State

Garrett Wilson can do it all, he’s played well in the slot, on the outside and is an excellent route runner. With his impressive speed of a 4.38 40 yard dash, Wilson is one of the best receivers in making separation between him and the defender. If we’ve ever seen someone be naturally talented, this is the guy, he is a top 10 pick in the NFL draft and could even go as high as top 5. 

#2: Chris Olave – Ohio State

The other half of the 1-2 punch at Ohio State was Chris Olave who is another 1st round prospect. Just like his partner in crime Wilson, Olave also has a knack for speed and hasn’t even found his true burst of speed yet. Olave has one of the highest ceilings in this class as he is still developing into his true form. Olave decided to return for his senior year at Ohio State and it paid off, improving his draft stock with almost 1,000 yards receiving on 65 receptions for the season. Olave is a real threat in the vertical game and could be a huge asset to a team with a quarterback with a big arm and already having an established wide receiver #1 like Buffalo, both Los Angeles teams, or Kansas City. Olave would do well as the #2 receiver in a system who can be a better version of Will Fuller V. 

#3: Drake London – USC

In his first year as a true starter, London did not disappoint as he doubled his production from his sophomore to junior year season and that’s with not playing in November or December due to his ankle injury. If it wasn’t for the broken ankle and London kept producing at the level he was on track for, he would’ve been the #1 prospect on this list, but missing some time late in the stretch and not getting to see the matchups against some better defenses, has us sliding him down a little bit. London still is a very highly rated prospect and for good reason, him and Olave could go either way for teams based on what needs they need to fill, both should be drafted in the middle of the first round. 

#4: Treylon Burks – Arkansas

The best deep threat in this class is the junior out of Arkansas. Burks has gotten better each season and finishes as the 6th best receiver in school history. He accomplished this feat through his pure physicality and size. Burks is 6-2 and 225 pounds of absolute muscle. Burks has an impressive vertical that will allow him to create mismatches over any defender guarding him. If Burks can work on making separation and getting quicker on his feet, then he can be a true threat in the NFL. As of right now, we see Burks similar to DK Metcalf but without the speed. 

#5: Jameson Williams – Alabama

The former Ohio State receiver transferred to Alabama to find new life as Ohio State was a crowded pack led by Olave and Wilson who are #1 and #2 on this list. Williams made the right decision by transferring as he was one of the top receivers in college football in the 2021 season. Williams is yet another deep threat on this list but he is also an excellent route runner. We love what Williams brings to the table and he might even outshine his former Buckeye counterparts in the future. Our only concern with Williams is the recovery timeline from his torn ACL, regardless, we still place Williams as the 5th best receiving prospect in this class despite the injury which speaks volumes about how talented this kid is.

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