Overvalued and Undervalued Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

Based on ESPN Fantasy’s Average Draft Position, we’ll be looking at the top 3 quarterbacks who are undervalued and overvalued based on their position against other players of the same position.

Overvalued Quarterbacks:

Jalen Hurts (ADP: QB12) – This is a surprising position as Hurts didn’t necessarily blow any of us away his rookie season. Hurts put up an average passer rating in the 70s and doesn’t have that great of talent surrounding him. The Eagles drafted DeVonta Smith to give Hurts some help only to end up injured before the season even kicked off. Without Smith, Hurts isn’t in the upper half of quarterbacks in the league as the remaining Eagles players aren’t anyone worth bragging about. 

Lamar Jackson (ADP: QB4) – Lamar Jackson is currently the 4th highest quarterback being drafted, but finished last season barely making the top 10. Jackson had a disappointing fantasy season last year and should improve this season with a couple new receiving additions, but with the talent above him, it’s hard to put quarterbacks like Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, and Justin Herbert below Lamar Jackson when they have proven themselves and are looking to build upon their strong performances. 

Justin Fields (ADP: QB19) – The Chicago Bears have finally moved on from former first round pick Mitch Trubisky and drafted Justin Fields in the first round as well as signing Andy Dalton in the offseason. With only 2 of the rookie quarterbacks being week 1 starters in Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, we can’t justify putting Justin Fields who the Bears claim Andy Dalton is their guy for the season this high up. Fields should mesh well with the Bears offense, but taking someone who isn’t guaranteed to start at all this season is a bit risky. 

Undervalued Quarterbacks: 

Kirk Cousins (ADP: QB21) – Cousins was contractually a mistake for the Minnesota Vikings, but for fantasy owners, he is a dream steal. Cousins has consistently been in top ⅓ of quarterbacks for the last several seasons as he’s had wideouts such as breakout rookie Justin Jefferson, veteran tight end Kyle Rudolph, Stefon Diggs before he went to Buffalo, and star receiver Adam Thielen to thank for that. Cousins might not get the job done for the Vikings in real life, but this is why it’s fantasy football. He isn’t a super flashy choice to take at any point, but he will more than surprise you. We strongly encourage taking Cousins as your backup quarterback at some point in the later rounds with his ADP being so far down. 

Jared Goff (ADP: QB31) – We don’t think Jared Goff is going to play super well or do anything worth taking a draft pick on, but being the 31st ranked quarterback is a disgrace. Goff was on a better team last year, but still managed to finish 18th of all quarterbacks for fantasy with only playing in 15 games. The Lions do have a couple decent options for Goff to throw to in rising tight end TJ Hockenson and Breshad Perriman. We think Goff is worth picking up in 2 QB leagues, deeper leagues, and to stream if you’re in a pinch. 

Andy Dalton (ADP: QB42) – Although it is inevitable that Dalton will be replaced by rookie Justin Fields in given time, we expect a situation similar to the Dolphins. Fitzpatrick started the season off for the Dolphins before Tua took over and after rookie nerves, the Dolphins reverted back to veteran Fitzpatrick who knows how to command an offense. With this being the expected scenario in Chicago, Dalton still holds significant enough fantasy value to warrant a roster spot when starting.

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