Top 50 Prospects in Baseball

With baseball only a couple months away, we’ve been analyzing the top prospects in baseball and looking forward to watching some baseball. After a break from this article last year, we’ll be back to providing our ranking of the top prospects in baseball heading into the season. 


#50: Mick Abel – Philadelphia

#49: Royce Lewis – Minnesota Twins

#48: Jackson Merrill – San Diego Padres

#47: Gavin Cross – Kansas City Royals

#46: DL Hall – Baltimore Orioles

#45: Elijah Green – Washington Nationals

#44: Edwin Arroyo – Cincinnati Reds

#43: Termarr Johnson – Pittsburgh Pirates

#42: Pete Crow-Armstrong – Chicago Cubs

#41: Ezequiel Tovar – Colorado Rockies

Players to Watch: Mick Abel & Royce Lewis

In our rankings 2 years ago, Mick Abel & Royce Lewis both made the top 100 and have moved in different directions pretty significantly since. Mick Abel barely cracked our top 100 list at #99 and Royce Lewis was all the way in the top 25. Lewis has made his debut with nothing that exciting thus far. Abel has yet to make his debut and is another year out but has quickly climbed up the ranks of the minors all the way up to AA now. 


#40: George Valera – Cleveland Guardians

#39: Colton Cowser – Baltimore Orioles

#38: Miguel Vargas – Los Angeles Dodgers

#37: Quinn Priester – Pittsburgh Pirates

#36: Sal Frelick – Milwaukee Brewers

#35: Jackson Jobe – Detroit Tigers

#34: Henry Davis – Pittsburgh Pirates

#33: Tyler Soderstrom – Oakland Athletics

#32: Max Meyer – Miami Marlins

#31: Jasson Dominguez – New York Yankees

Players to Watch: Jackson Jobe & Jasson Dominguez

Like Royce Lewis, Jasson Dominguez has taken a bit of a stumble on this list. Dominguez was a prodigy a mere 2 years ago and was supposed to be the next big thing, but his age and inexperience has proven costly. Dominguez is someone we are still keeping an eye on as he has a lot to prove. Another player who is young that has been making a name for himself as of late is Jackson Jobe. Jobe is 20 just like Dominguez and unlike Dominguez, has been on the rise the last 2 years. Jobe is only going to continue to climb up this list and should break the top 25 this time next year. 


#30: Ricky Tiedemann – Toronto Blue Jays

#29: Brooks Lee – Minnesota Twins

#28: James Wood – Washington Nationals

#27: Curtis Mead – Tampa Bay Rays

#26: Bobby Miller – Los Angeles Dodgers

#25: Robert Hassell III – New York Yankees

#24: Brett Baty – New York Mets

#23: Kyle Harrison – San Francisco Giants

#22: Daniel Espino – Cleveland Guardians

#21: Taj Bradley – Tampa Bay Rays

Players to Watch: Taj Bradley & Curis Mead

The Tampa Bay Rays have been known for their incredibly developed farm system they’ve been able to build up over the last decade. The Rays have a continued pipeline of emerging talent that have gone on to do big things. Two players that are quickly making a name for themselves are Taj Bradley & Curtis Mead. Both players are a couple years out from making their MLB Debuts, but once they do, we expect both of them to only get better. 


#20: Triston Casas – Boston Red Sox

#19: Colson Montgomery – Chicago White Sox

#18: Zac Veen – Colorado Rockies

#17: Diego Cartaya – Los Angeles Dodgers

#16: Eury Perez – Miami Marlins

#15: Marco Luciano – San Francisco Giants

#14: Noelvi Marte – Cincinnati Reds

#13: Andrew Painter – Philadelphia Phillies

#12: Druw Jones – Arizona Diamondbacks

#11: Jackson Holliday – Baltimore Orioles

Players to Watch: Jackson Holliday & Druw Jones

The #1 & #2 overall picks in the 2022 MLB MLB Draft land just outside our top 10 best prospects in baseball. This is even with Druw Jones having to go through surgery as that is how talented these two young guys are. Holliday should quickly rise up the Orioles ranks as they’ve quietly developed one of the best farm systems in the MLB. Druw Jones will need a little bit longer with his recovery, but we are very excited to watch him play as baseball runs in his blood. 


#10: Jackson Chourio – Milwaukee Brewers

#9: Marcelo Mayer – Boston Red Sox

#8: Jordan Lawlar – Arizona Diamondbacks

#7: Jordan Walker – St. Louis Cardinals

#6: Elly De La Cruz – Cincinnati Reds

Players to Watch: Jackson Chourio & Elly De La Cruz

Jackson Chourio and Elly De La Cruz are two very exciting players to watch. De La Cruz was added to the roster in the offseason by the Reds and should be making his MLB debut shortly with a lot of anticipation around him being a centerpiece of the Reds future. Chourio is only 18 and flew up the ranks in the minors up to double AA. However, once Chourio got to Biloxi he struggled at bat and hopefully could get things turned around this year. If he does, he will end up being one of the youngest players on an MLB roster soon. 

Top 5 Prospects

#5: Grayson Rodriguez – Baltimore Orioles

The first player for the Baltimore Orioles to crack the top 5 is Grayson Rodriguez. Rodriguez is going to make his MLB debut very early on in the 2023 season as he’s made it onto the opening day roster. Rodriguez has done very well over the last couple years in the minors and unless his injury that he’s had to rehab has an impact, Rodriguez could become a regular starter in the Orioles rotation. The Orioles have one of the weaker rotations in baseball and we expect Rodriguez to make a crack at becoming a regular towards the halfway point through the season. 

#4: Anthony Volpe – New York Yankees

There is an actual chance that Anthony Volpe can make it all the way to the MLB this season. He’s only had a limited time being up in AAA ball but with the Yankees needing to make a decision about the future of Kiner-Falefa come trade deadline time, this is when we might see Volpe. Volpe’s been doing well and quickly climbing the minor league ladder. Volpe has outperformed Dominguez who was once the future of the Yankees and now Volpe is being seen as just that. 

#3: Francisco Alvarez – New York Mets

Unlike some of the other prospects in this tier, Alvarez has a much lower floor but his ceiling for growth is limitless. A lot of what Alvarez brings to the table is his x-factor. Alvarez has power and if he can work on timing of his swing, he can be one of the best heavy hitting catchers in the league. With the uncertainty around Omar Narvaez, Alvarez can step into action sooner which will give him more opportunities to get some action under his belt and work on his swing before becoming the main starter. 

#2: Gunnar Henderson – Baltimore Orioles

The second Baltimore Orioles player to appear in the top 5 is Gunnar Henderson, the young prospect who bats left-handed, but throws righty. Henderson was called up last year playing in 34 games and went .259 from the plate which was a couple points better than the rest of the team’s batting average. Henderson should fare much better this year after getting some good experience last year and should have a better spot in the batting order based on what the team has seen of him thus far. 

#1: Corbin Carroll – Arizona Diamondbacks

Earning the top spot on our list is Corbin Carroll, a very talented outfielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Carroll is arguably the most athletic prospect in all of baseball with his natural speed and ability. Carroll should be close to the top of the leaderboards for stolen bases each season. Carroll should easily break 20 per year and could see himself being an all-star within the next couple seasons. We expect great things out of the young speedster who is only getting better each year and should make a big leap this season.

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