2023 NFL Super Bowl Predictions

Only one game left in the 2022-2023 NFL Season and it all comes down to the big game. The Kansas City Chiefs & the Philadelphia Eagles square off in Arizona with both teams being the #1 team in their respective conferences and both teams featuring a Kelce brother. We’ll be breaking down which Kelce brother will get their 2nd Super Bowl ring. Both quarterbacks have endured injuries in recent weeks with Jalen Hurts missing a couple games towards the end of the regular season and Patrick Mahomes playing through an ankle injury the last couple games that he suffered against Jacksonville. The play from both of these quarterbacks is a huge reason why both teams have made it this far. Without Mahomes, the Chiefs would not be in the spot they are in and most likely would have lost to Jacksonville if Chad Henne played the rest of that game. It’s going to be a showdown of which quarterback is the better leader and can make more magic happen which we have to give the edge to Mahomes. Hurts has done a tremendous job in his breakout season, but Mahomes makes plays happen out of thin air. This will be an exciting matchup of two high-powered offenses with average defenses, that should make for a Super Bowl to remember. Patrick Mahomes comes out on top with some 4th quarter miracles to add another ring to his impressive resume.

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