2022 Fantasy Football Trade Deadline: 4 Players to Buy & 4 Players to Sell at the Deadline

It’s been 10 weeks of the NFL season and we’re hitting the inevitable fantasy football trade deadline. This is the time where you can make an all out push for the championship, keep your playoff hopes alive, and make some deals to hope for the best. We’ll be breaking down 4 players we recommend making a push to get and 4 players to sell while their value is still high. 

Quarterback to Buy: Justin Fields – Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have some of the more friendlier fantasy matchups for the remainder of the season. For a mobile quarterback like Justin Fields that is very promising for his development. He’s taken a huge leap along with the rest of the Bears offense over the last 2 weeks as he’s finally been given the opportunities to let loose. With the friendly matchups ahead, the new look Bears offense, and with Khalil Herbert going down on IR, this is going to set up Justin Fields for a huge finish in the 2nd half of the season. 

Quarterback to Sell: Tua Tagovailoa – Miami Dolphins

With Tua starting and finishing the game, the Dolphins are 7-0 during those games. The Dolphins offense has been one of the most electric in the NFL with the star duo of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle leading the charge and being amongst two of the top receivers in the NFL. In multiple games this season, Tua has gone off to put some high numbers and has looked very impressive. They do have a tough stretch ahead, but that’s not the reason we are putting Tua on this list. We think he’ll still be a solid quarterback the rest of the season in real life and from a fantasy perspective, but with his value so high right now, we think you can get some nice assets in return for him. We have Tua on this list because in several of those games he had very high yardage due to the lack of a run game. Since Jeff Wilson Jr. was brought in, the Dolphins run game has come to life as Mike McDaniel has found the perfect match for his fast paced offense. With Wilson Jr. being able to move the ball on the ground, the Dolphins don’t need to rely on Tua as much which should help the Dolphins win and be in a better spot if they hope to get a win in the playoffs. 

Running Back to Buy: Kenneth Walker III – Seattle Seahawks

Since taking over for the injured Rashaad Penny, the rookie running back has been superb. He’s the clear future of the franchise in the backfield and he’s been one of the best running backs over the last month. He’s someone that could definitely help lead your team to a championship if you’re fortunate to have him. With this weekend being the trade deadline, if you don’t have Walker III, we highly recommend sending an offer for him as he should net out as a top 10 back the rest of the way. This week, the Seahawks are on a bye and if the person who has Walker III is in a win now mode, now is the perfect time to snatch him away as people are more inclined to trade their better players when those players are on a bye. 

Running Back to Sell: D’andre Swift – Detroit Lions

Since Swift suffered an injury, the Lions have been very cautious with the use of their young running back. Instead of giving Swift a greater share of the carries, they have opted for a committee approach with Jamaal Williams splitting duties with Swift. This is to preserve the health of Swift and the smart play by the Lions. For fantasy owners who got Swift early, his volume has dwindled and we don’t expect it to go back up until the start of next season in an effort to preserve his health. With his name alone, Swift can haul in a nice package for you and we recommend moving him while you can. 

Wide Receiver to Buy: Ja’Marr Chase – Cincinnati Bengals

One of the top fantasy picks in this year’s draft was wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase. The fantasy owners who still have him are just waiting for him to come back, which should be within the next couple weeks just in time for the playoffs. For most people who lose their top draft pick, being a sure firelock to make the playoffs is usually pretty unlikely. Now if you are looking like a solid candidate to make the playoffs and see that this is the case with the Ja’Marr Chase owner, now is the perfect opportunity for both of you. The Chase owner could use multiple assets to make a push to get in the playoffs if they’re looking at it from the outside in and can’t wait for Chase to come back for that push. For you, it can give you a top 10 receiver when healthy and a dangerous threat to win the championship. The Chase owner will be disgruntled, but if they are looking to make the playoffs and not locked in, they can’t wait any longer to make a move. 

Wide Receiver to Sell: Gabriel Davis – Buffalo Bills

One player who has been very boom or bust this year has been Gabriel Davis of the Buffalo Bills. While Stefon Diggs has maintained the #1 receiver status and been consistently an elite option for Josh Allen. Gabriel Davis on the other hand can put up multi touchdown games with 100+ yards or look non-existent. With the Bills running the ball more and bringing in Nyheim Hines, this is just one more way that targets will be taken away from Davis in those bust games. His potential for a boom makes him a sell high candidate as it’s made his points on the year look better than what they actually should be. 

Tight End to Buy: Tyler Higbee – Los Angeles Rams

With the Cooper Kupp injury, the value of the Rams receiving corps has gone significantly up. The 2 players we think will see their stock rise the most are Ben Skowronek and Tyler Higbee. Higbee sits in the top half of tight ends now despite how poor the Rams offensive line and run game has been this year. With Stafford returning, Higbee should see a high volume of targets and someone we would want on our team if we don’t have someone like Mark Andrews or Travis Kelce on our team already. 

Tight End to Sell: Cole Kmet – Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears tight end has 5 touchdowns in his last 3 games and coming off back to back multiple touchdown games. He’s been one of the top waiver wire targets to pick up as tight ends this year have not been super reliable outside of the top couple. We don’t blame you for picking up Kmet with his performances, but we’ve seen this before with him and we don’t think this is going to last consistently. Sell Kmet now while he’s the hot name in town and get as much as you can get for him before he becomes someone to drop in a few weeks.

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