2022 NFL Week 11 Predictions

Each week, we break down all the games this weekend and who our predicted winner will be.  Through 10 weeks, we are 94-55-1 in what has been a very weird season where Aaron Rodgers and Ton Brady both might not make the playoffs and quarterbacks like Zach Wilson and Daniel Jones might. 

Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers

Coming off a much needed win for not only playoff hopes but for their fan base as well, the Packers get another game on their home turf in the cold. The Packers host the Titans and the Packers are tough to beat on their home turf in this weather, but the Titans don’t just have a running back, they have a tank in Derrick Henry. The Packers are giving up one of the higher run yards per game and face the most physical back in the league in what’s going to be a heavy run game. Henry leads the Titans to a chilling win. 

Winner: Tennessee Titans 

Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons

The Bears offense has come to life the last 2 weeks as Justin Fields has been the highest fantasy scoring player during that time. He’s leading the team in rushing yards during that span as he’s reminded us of a modern day Michael Vick. Fields is great on the run and even had Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel talking about it. Fields squares off against another quarterback who can use their legs to their advantage in Marcus Mariota but the latter doesn’t fully embrace his talent and rather wastes it at time. The Bears beat the Falcons on the road led by another monster outing from Justin Fields. 

Winner: Chicago Bears

Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills

Deshaun Watson is back practicing with the Browns and they are waiting for him to be allowed to play for just another couple weeks. Brissett has been serviceable, but their offense hasn’t had that spark where they’ve looked dominant. The other team they face has that spark despite Josh Allen’s recent struggles and injury he’s dealing with. Regardless if Allen plays or not, the Bills offense and defense are levels above where the Browns are they should hold them off. 

Winner: Buffalo Bills

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts

The Eagles suffered their first loss at the hands of the Washington Commanders on Monday Night Football. It was a tough defeat, but what was even worse was the injuries suffered to Goedert, Brown, and Smith. Goedert was placed on injured reserve and the Eagles are hopeful he’ll return in time for the playoffs. Smith and Brown are up in the air with both listed as questionable for the game this weekend. If one of the 2 can still go, Jalen Hurts should still perform at a high level which should be enough for them to win against a Colts organization in shambles. 

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

New York Jets at New England Patriots

The AFC East rivalry matchup is one of the biggest games of the week from a playoff implication standpoint. Both the Jets and Patriots would be in the last 2 wild card spots if the playoffs were to start today. The Chargers and Bengals are both looking at the playoffs from the outside in and this game will be important for how the rest of the season fares for all 4 of the teams. Both teams are riding with their defenses carrying the weight and the better of the two right now is New England who just shut down Indianapolis holding them to under 200 yards on the day. New England’s defense helps them win a huge game at home helping their playoff chances significantly. 

Winner: New England Patriots

Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints

The Rams and Saints are two teams we had high hopes for that both have taken significant tumbles. The biggest problem for both has been the offense which looking at their roster you wouldn’t think would be an issue. Against one another this weekend, it’s going to be a heavy defensive battle which the Rams do have the better of the two, but the Saints offense is in a better spot than the Rams who just lost Cooper Kupp for an extended period of time. The Saints get a win in an ugly battle. 

Winner: New Orleans Saints

Detroit Lions at New York Giants

Despite the wide gap in records between the Lions and Giants, this should be a pretty close game. The Giants have had most of their victories come off one score games and that’s what we expect here. The Lions have been able to put up a fight against some tough teams like the Eagles and the Vikings. The Lions put up another valiant effort but ultimately fall short again. 

Winner: New York Giants

Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are accustomed to dominating Baker Mayfield and just because he’s with a new team doesn’t mean this will go any different. The Panthers offense is in a worse state than what Baker had in Cleveland and we don’t think this game is going to be pretty. The Panthers quarterback room is a disaster and any win they’ve had this year has come off luck, but they’re not going to need luck but rather a miracle to beat the Ravens. Ravens take this one with ease. 

Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Washington Commanders at Houston Texans

A road win against undefeated Philadelphia on Monday Night was a huge confidence booster for the Washington Commanders. Carson Wentz is throwing again, but Heinecke has earned that starting job for now and Commanders plan to stick with him for the time being. That’s the smart move as they get back to back road wins. 

Winner: Washington Commanders

Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos

The Raiders and Broncos enter this matchup with a combined 5 wins in what’s been a very underwhelming season for both. We all had high aspirations for them with the acquisitions they both made in the off-season but have failed to live up to expectations. Both of their problems is not with the talent but with the coaching staff and until that changes, both are in shambles. The organization that’s looked a little bit better in this toss up is the Broncos, specifically their defense. The defense has been solid and will help lead them to victory.  

Winner: Denver Broncos

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings just won a thriller in one of the most exciting matchups of the year against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. The Vikings improved to 8-1 and are hoping to win out and clinch the top spot of the NFC. A team that moved further away from getting that spot was the Cowboys who just can’t seem to beat the Packers. The Cowboys are going to suffer their second straight loss to the hottest team in football right now.  

Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Bengals are hoping to survive getting swept by the Pittsburgh Steelers this year. The Steelers won the early season contest, but the Bengals have looked much better since their rough start to the year. The Steelers defense is finally getting healthy which will make this a tough contest for the Bengals who are still without star receiver Ja’Marr Chase. The Bengals have their hands full here, but Joe Burrow has been putting up monster weeks lately and we’re liking this matchup to help catapult the Bengals into the playoff mix. 

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers

The best team in the AFC is on a roll right now and the train ain’t slowing down. The Chiefs get a big win on the road against the Chargers who move another game further out of the playoffs. Chargers need to turn things around and hope for the AFC East to settle down if they want to get that last wild card spot. Meanwhile the Chiefs will remain atop the AFC. 

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury’s days in Arizona are numbered and with a home game in primetime against a division rival in a must win game might be the breaking point for the organization. The 49ers defense when healthy is among the elite units in the league and since the arrival of Christian McCaffrey, their offense has been reeling as well. The Cardinals are not in a good place right now under Kingsbury and this inevitable loss will move them one step closer to parting ways with their head coach. 

Winner: San Francisco 49ers

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