2022 NFL Week 7 Predictions

Each week, we break down all the games this weekend and who our predicted winner will be.  Through 6 weeks, we are 56-37-1 in what has been an unpredictable season full of many surprises. 

New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have gone through 6 painful weeks without a productive offense as their wide receiver corps has gone through injuries, James Conner has been hurt and DeAndre Hopkins has been suspended. Conner and Marquise Brown will still miss some time, but DeAndre Hopkins’ return should spark new life into this struggling offense. Murray will be happy with Hopkins being back as the offense has its best performance of the season against the Saints. 

Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals

Surprisingly both of these teams enter this game with 3 wins & 3 losses. The Falcons somehow have pulled off 3 wins with just stampeding over the San Francisco 49ers and the Bengals have had a couple rough losses which is surprising especially after coming off of a Super Bowl appearance. Both offenses had one of their best showings in their game’s last week, but we know the Bengals offense when they get going can go on a hot streak for a while. The Bengals offense wins this surprising shootout with a poor defensive showing. 

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys

Regardless of who is playing at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, the Cowboys are going to easily win against the worst defense in the NFL in the Detroit Lions. Cooper Rush has kept the Cowboys playoff hopes alive and if he gets the nod if Prescott is unable to play, Rush should do just fine against Detroit. The Cowboys defense is going to be very similar to the matchup the Lions just had against the Patriots and it’s not going to go well for them. 

Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

The battle for first place in the AFC South has a lot riding on it in this game as the Titans won the first contest earlier this season and that was with Jonathan Taylor healthy. Whoever wins this game most likely ends up as winner of this division and we think that winner will be the Titans. The Colts offense had its best game of the season last week, but the Titans defense is a significant step up from the Jaguars defense and will be too much for them to get past. 

Winner: Tennessee Titans

Green Bay Packers at Washington Commanders

Two offenses that we had higher expectations for entering the season are letting us down. The Packers run leading the NFC North is over and the Carson Wentz experiment seems like it’s going to have a short ending. The Packers lost to the New York Jets at home last week and Washington survived one of the ugliest Thursday night matchups against the Bears. Both offenses need to turn things around, but the Packers have the better chance of doing so and beat the Commanders in a very needed win. 

Winner: Green Bay Packers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

The NFC South has been very disappointing this year with Tampa Bay leading the pack at 3-3. Tampa Bay will get sole possession of the lead and not be tied with Atlanta Falcons after this week as they take down the Panthers who fired their head coach a week ago, playing with a XFL quarterback and traded away their wide receiver #2 and have listed anyone else on the team in a fire sale. The Panthers are not going to win for a bit and are going full tank mode. 

Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New York Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Giants enter this game with the 2nd best record in the NFL at 5-1, the Jaguars aren’t as fortunate and only have 2 wins on the year. The Giants look like a completely different team this year as they already surpassed their amount of wins they had all of last year. The Jaguars have either been blown out this year or blown the other team out and haven’t had much close battles. We expect this to be their closest one of the year but the Giants pull out on top. 

Winner: New York Giants 

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have been one of the best teams in the NFL up until the 4th quarter. The Browns haven’t fared well either in the 4th as they allowed the New York Jets to score multiple touchdowns in the final minute of a game to lose. The Ravens have the best kicker in NFL history should it come down to the wire where they know he will be clutch when it’s most important. The Ravens take this one, but we don’t think they’ll need to rely on Tucker to do so. 

Winner: Baltimore Ravens

New York Jets at Denver Broncos

The Broncos have a big problem and that’s this offense is not good. The massive blockbuster trade for Russell Wilson is looking like a major mistake as he does not look like his old self. The Jets somehow enter this game with the better offense that has only been getting better as rookie Breece Hall has taken over as RB1. Hall has looked like a great pickup and the Jets have looked the best they’ve looked in over a decade and we’re hoping this is a sign of real change in the organization. The Broncos defense is tough but we thought the same thing of both the Dolphins & Packers who the Jets just took down in back to back weeks, so we’re going with the Jets on the road to improve to an astonishing 5-2. 

Winner: New York Jets

Houston Texans at Las Vegas Raiders

Both the Houston Texans and Las Vegas Raiders are coming off bye weeks so both should be well rested coming into this one. Both of these teams have 1 win so this bye week can help them get their act back together. Both teams have played rather sloppy and don’t expect this game to be a pretty one. The Raiders have the better overall team so should come out on top and hopefully keep their playoff aspirations alive as they’re way out of the picture now. 

Winner: Las Vegas Raiders

Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers

With Josh Palmer entering protocol, Justin Herbert is looking forward to having #1 receiver Keenan Allen to be back. Allen is slated to return this weekend which would be huge for the Chargers offense. However, with barely having Allen this season, they’ve still managed a 402 record despite their sluggish play. Ekeler’s been hitting his groove and the Seahawks don’t really have the manpower to stop this offense. Tariq Woolen might be their best bet to stop Mike Williams or Keenan Allen, but Ekeler can take over a game and that’s what we expect to happen here as the Chargers move to 5-2. 

Winner: Los Angeles Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are coming off of their worst showing of the season as they got dominated in embarrassing fashion by the Atlanta Falcons who even were without Cordarelle Patterson. The Chiefs offense is 10x better than the Falcons when they have Patterson and the 49ers defense is still banged up. The 49ers are hoping for a quick recovery, but it’s not going to happen in time before this weekend’s game as the Chiefs will knock them down while they’re already weak. 

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers

Coach Mike McDaniel has said that Tua will be starting this weekend which we hope everything is well for his safety and is ready to go for the game. Without Tua, the Dolphins offense hasn’t been able to score very well as the quarterback play has been subpar. With Tua back, we’re confident that this offense can be electric, especially against a battered up Steelers defense who is still without TJ Watt. The Dolphins should get their first win after 3 straight losses. 

Winner: Miami Dolphins

Chicago Bears at New England Patriots

It’s Bailey Zappe season! Even if Mac Jones is healthy enough to play, the Patriots should stick with what’s working and that’s Bailey Zappe under center. The Patriots offense has improved without both Mac Jones and Damien Harris as Zappe, Meyers, and Stevenson have been very impressive. The Bears offense is on the exact opposite end of the spectrum and is dead last in passing yards per game. The Bears need to change up their offensive play calling but that isn’t going to happen until a coaching change is made but the current staff is in for at least this weekend. New England should let Zappe start and improve to 4-3 on the year. 

Winner: New England Patriots

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