2022 NFL Week 5 Predictions

Only one lone team that remains undefeated and on the opposite end of the spectrum, only one team remains winless entering week 5. Week 5 also brings us the 2nd week of games played in London which means football from 9:30 AM EST to 11 PM EST on what’s set to be an action packed day. We’re going to be breaking down all the games this weekend and who our predicted winner will be. Through 4 weeks, we are 38-25-1. 

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos

The Colts don’t look great this year and that’s an understatement. Matt Ryan looks like he should have retired at the end of last season and end his career with Atlanta as he is currently on pace to break the NFL record for most fumbles in a season. The rest of the Colts offense hasn’t looked much better as even Jonathan Taylor has had one solid showing in week 1 and has been a letdown since. Jonathan Taylor is also injured and will be out this week along with star defensive player Shaq Leonard who continues to remain sidelined. Despite Denver losing Javonte Williams for the season, their offense has a lot of other pieces and Russell Wilson finally is getting the chance to look downfield which will help them go 3-2 as he has his best game of the season. 

Winner: Denver Broncos

New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers (London)

After this matchup, all 32 teams will have played overseas in London as part of the international series. The Giants and Packers are, thankfully for our sake 2 better teams than the ones we saw last week play. The Giants unfortunately are probably going to be missing Daniel Jones and even if he does play, the Packers are just flat out the better team. The Giants defense isn’t great against the run and we expect an exquisite performance from the dynamic duo of AJ Dillon & Aaron Jones of Green Bay. The Packers offense is too much for the Giants defense that the offense can’t keep up despite the season Saquon Barkley is off to.   

Winner: Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

Kenny Pickett saw his first action of the NFL season last week and is getting his first career start this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately for him and the Steelers, it’s in Buffalo who despite being banged up in the secondary are going to give Pickett a start he doesn’t want to remember. The Bills enter this game two touchdown favorites and wouldn’t surprise us if it ends up being a 3 touchdown game or more. 

Winner: Buffalo Bills

Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns

The Chargers are on the road for a second straight week and this time, they travel up to Cleveland to face the Browns in what should give them a tougher time than their matchup against the Texans. The Browns are expected to be without Myles Garrett for another straight week after his horrific car crash. If Garrett is without, this will be a sigh of relief for Justin Herbert as he’s been dealing with a fracture of his rib cartilage over the last couple weeks and has been playing through the pain. Herbert has also been without Keenan and most likely will be without him this game, but without Allen last week, Chargers looked perfectly fine as the offense was shifted to revolve around Austin Ekeler on his way to a monster showing. We expect Ekeler to have another great game as the Chargers offense walks all over Cleveland. 

Winner: Los Angeles Chargers

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Despite their records, both teams have looked competitive this year on the defensive end. Jacksonville shut down the Chargers offense and Texans have stayed in the games they’ve played until their 4th quarter collapses. The AFC South can truly be won by anyone and Jacksonville is looking like the best team now. Jacksonville gets a bounce back win on their way to 3-2 which will tie their mark for the amount of wins they had all last season. 

Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars 

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings come back to the US with a 3-1 record and their first game back is on their home turf. The Vikings were fortunate to play Andy Dalton in London and now face Dalton’s former teammate in Justin Fields who is a downgrade from Dalton. Fields has attempted less than 70 passes on the year which for comparison Josh Allen attempted over 60 in one game alone this season. The Bears offense can’t get anything going and the Vikings take care of business with ease. 

Winner: Minnesota Vikings 

Detroit Lions at New England Patriots

The Lions somehow have the best offense in the NFL yet the worst defense at the same time. Every game this year has been a shootout and with Mac Jones likely to miss or if he plays it’ll be injured, we don’t know if the Pats can compete in a high scoring affair. The Lions get a much needed win on the road despite the pounding they take from Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson on the ground. 

Winner: Detroit Lions

Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints

Somehow Seattle enters this game with a better record than the Saints who we were hopeful would contend with the Bucs for the division champ. Neither team has looked good this season, but with Winston and Kamara slated to be back this week, the Seahawks defense isn’t going to be able to keep up as New Orleans gets a bounce back victory. 

Winner: New Orleans Saints

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

The Dolphins enter their first full game without Tua and their last game where they missed Tua for the second half they couldn’t get much done on offense and lost their undefeated start. We are hesitant about Bridgewater’s play and how the Dolphins offense will perform. We are confident in their defense still led by Jevon Holland Xavien Howard who should make Zach Wilson’s recovery a challenge. 

Winner: Miami Dolphins

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The winner of this game will take sole command stop the NFC South which is one of the bottom divisions in the league. Atlanta’s coming off a 2 game win streak and Tampa Bay’s on a 2 game losing streak. The play of Tom Brady is what’s going to determine the outcome of this game. Atlanta is a scrappy team that can keep up a fight, while Tampa Bay has ability to dominate when the offense gets going. Brady seems distracted this season, but Atlanta has a very weak secondary which could bring some temporary relief to him as they take the division lead. 

Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Tennessee Titans at Washington Commanders

After a 1-0 start, Washington has lost 3 since. For Tennessee, they started 0-2 and have won 2 since. Both teams are streaking and we don’t think this streak will snap. The Titans have beat the Raiders and the Colts while Washington’s lone win was them barely scathing by the Jaguars. The Titans defense has been carrying the load, but this offense is going to have a field day against Washington as King Henry is facing Washington without Chase Young. Derrick Henry and the defense will win this one for the Titans while Washington falls to 1-4. 

Winner: Tennessee Titans

San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers

The 49ers defense has looked phenomenal. Meanwhile the Panthers offense has looked dreadful as fans already are booing Baker Mayfield and are hoping Sam Darnold can return soon. The 49ers offense doesn’t need to do much as their defense continues to carry them to victory. 

Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams

The Cowboys visit the defending Super Bowl Champions with a better record and that’s been without Dak Prescott. Prescott went down in week 1 and Cooper Rush has led the Cowboys to 3 victories since. The Rams defense is going to be the toughest challenge Cooper Rush will have faced in his career, but we’re not slowing down the Cooper Rush train just yet. The Rams offense just got shut down by the 49ers and haven’t looked great in their other games. Somehow they are at .500 with a 2-2 record, but they are set to face Trevon Diggs and Micah Parsons who are 2 of the fastest rising young defensive stars in the NFL. The Cowboys narrowly win this defensive bout. 

Winner: Dallas Cowboys 

Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals

The lone undefeated team in the NFL barely survived the storm of week 4. It was a sloppy game but with better weather slated ahead in Phoenix, we’ve seen what that offense can do. The Cardinals offense hasn’t been able to be as dominant as they normally are due to injuries to key players and the suspension of DeAndre Hopkins. In a game against a high scoring offense, the Cardinals won’t be able to keep up despite a valiant effort from Kyler Murray. 

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

The rivalry matchup we’re most looking forward to this weekend is the Bengals playing at Baltimore. Bengals are coming off a much needed win in another prime time event taking down the undefeated Miami Dolphins. Meanwhile Baltimore is coming off a very tough loss to the Bills in which they blew a 17 point or higher lead for the 2nd time this season. In the Dolphins game, Joe Burrow was getting more opportunities to throw downfield which is huge for a team that has multiple deep threat receivers. The Ravens don’t have as many deep threats and can’t get as much done through the air as the Bengals will, but Lamar Jackson is a freak of nature. Lamar is currently in the top 10 in rushing yards as a quarterback! The Bengals swept the Ravens last year, albeit Lamar only played in one of those games, but he is still on a mission. This is going to be a thriller and whoever gets the ball last very may well be who will come out on top. We think that team will be the Ravens as Lamar sets up future Half of Fame kicker Justin Tucker up to hit the game winning field goal. 

Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

The Raiders finally pulled out their first win of the season in week 4. The entire AFC West had a slow start but things are heating up now. The Raiders who are coming off that win now have the chance to show they’re a legitimate threat if they take down the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have looked just fine without Tyreek Hill as Patrick Mahomes is putting up a MVP worthy season. The Raiders need a win here to not fall 1-4 and fall behind in a gritty division, but Mahomes keeps his magic going with yet another stellar performance to help the Chiefs win. 

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

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