2022 NFL Top 100 Players: #60-51

We are breaking down the top 100 players in the NFL entering the 2022 season and we’re at the #51-60 spot. This group primarily features players who should be in a very different spot a year from now whether it’s out of this list completely or much higher.

#51: Bobby Wagner – Los Angeles Rams

Coming off of 8 consecutive Pro Bowl appearances, the Seattle Seahawks parted ways with Bobby Wagner to save cap space and take their franchise in a new direction. Wagner took his talents to the already talented Los Angeles Rams who are coming off of a Super Bowl victory. With signing a deal for the next 5 years, we expect Wagner to finish out his career in LA and hopefully for the first couple years of the deal, Wagner can continue to play like an All-Pro.

#52: DeAndre Hopkins – Arizona Cardinals

If it weren’t for the 6 game suspension and an injury in 2021, Hopkins would be much higher up on this list. Hopkins has been one of the best receivers in the NFL for nearly a decade now, but due to some unfortunate circumstances finds himself just outside of the top 50. 

#53: Fred Warner – San Francisco 49ers

Warner is another part of the dynamic defensive front on the 49ers line along with Bosa. Warner had a down year in 2021 which caused him to slip on this list, but he’s still played well and is living up to the $95 million contract extension he signed.  

#54: Kevin Byard – Tennessee Titans

After a couple down seasons, Byard had a productive 2021 campaign that led to him landing #54 overall on this list and being one of the top safeties in the NFL. Byard has been one of the better players on the Tennessee Titans defense for the last 5 years. We expect Byard to reach the top 50 on next year’s list. 

#55: Cameron Heyward – Pittsburgh Steelers

The 33 year old veteran is coming off of 5 consecutive pro bowls. That is also with 2021 being a career best season for the vet as he’s made a solid pairing with T.J. Watt on the front line. We hope Heyward can keep it up at this age as that line is not one to fool around with. 

#56: Antoine Winfield Jr. – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After 2 years in the NFL, Winfield Jr. is rapidly making a name for himself as one of the better defensive backs in this league. Winfield Jr. won a Super Bowl in his first year and made the Pro Bowl in his 2nd year which is a pretty impressive start early on in his career. 

#57: Austin Ekeler – Los Angeles Chargers

In 2021, Ekeler hit a groove with Justin Herbert and the rest of the Chargers offense. They were one of the most dominant offenses in the league as Ekeler marched his way on to 20 total touchdowns. Ekeler is another player who has been snubbed out of multiple Pro Bowl appearances and he is truly a fantasy stud for players lucky to get him.

#58: Terry McLaurin – Washington Commanders

One of the best players in the NFL to not make a Pro Bowl is Terry McLaurin. McLaurin has dealt with a poor mix of quarterbacks from undrafted Taylor Heinicke to aging Ryan Fitzpatrick and yet has still found a way to consistently put up numbers. Wentz is a minor improvement but with a Pro Bowl wideout like Davante Adams moving to the AFC from NFC, that’s one less receiver in the way of Scary Terry from getting the first nod that he deserves. 

#59: Jason Kelce – Philadelphia Eagles

Much like his younger brother Travis, Jason Kelce is a staple on this list. Both former Bearcats are All-Pro players at their positions and Jason has been keeping Philadelphia’s offense afloat for years and being a key part of their Super Bowl run a few years ago. 

#60: DK Metcalf – Seattle Seahawks

One of the fastest players in the NFL, DK Metcalf is a pure freak of nature. He had an all-time highlight play in his chase down on Budda Baker’s interception return. With Russell Wilson’s inconsistency over the last couple seasons, Wilson being traded to Denver, and Tyler Lockett aging, DK Metcalf is in a prime spot to take over as the #1 receiver on the team. Wilson would favor Lockett despite Metcalf’s athleticism.

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