2022 NFL Draft: Worst Value Pick in Every Round

The 2022 NFL Draft saw its fair share of teams overreaching for players who were drafted way too high and in some cases, probably should not have been drafted at all. Since there were so many reaches and some repeat offenders, we’ll be looking at the worst value pick in each round of the draft. 

Round 1: Pick 29, OL – Cole Strange, New England Patriots

After trading down, the New England Patriots could have traded down even further and still got Cole Strange. The Patriots instead reached way too high for a late 2nd / 3rd round talent. This caused a stir of reactions across the league, especially amongst the Rams organization. 

Round 2: Pick 50, WR – Tyquan Thornton, New England Patriots

In back to back rounds, the Patriots overreach for players with lots of room for improvement. Thornton is a speed demon, but that’s the main thing he has going for him. Belichick loves drafting these types of players and making elite weapons out of them. For their sake, we hope that turns out to be the case, but both players should have gone later on in this draft. 

Round 3: Pick 67, OL – Joshua Ezeudu, New York Giants

The Giants knocked it out of the park with Evan Neal in the 1st round to help keep Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones healthy. The Giants wanted to continue their investment into strengthening the line still, but they dropped the ball here with better options remaining. 

Round 4: Pick 141, CB – Damarion Williams, Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens like the Giants had a couple great value picks early on and were featured on our great value picks list, but this one left us scratching our heads. We know the Ravens like to go big on the defense, but getting an undersized defensive back after already landing Kyle Hamilton a couple rounds prior was a bit questionable. 

Round 5: Pick 147, DL – D.J. Davidson, New York Giants

The Giants need to work on their defense, but there were many other players who are closer to being ready for the next level than Davidson. Davidson is oversized and could be significantly quicker on his feet for what the Giants need in an interior defensive lineman. We weren’t much of a fan of this pick in round 5, maybe round 7, but not here.

Round 6: Pick 183, RB – Kevin Harris, New England Patriots

For New England’s sake, we kept this list to only having them 3 times even though there are a couple other rounds they could have easily made an appearance. In round 6 however, the Patriots drafted another running back right after drafting Pierre Strong Jr. The Patriots were also not in need of another running back as they have a loaded committee of White, Stevenson, and Harris already. Strong Jr. and Harris will most likely end up competing for the last roster spot meaning New England wasted a pick with one of the two. 

Round 7: Pick 241, QB – Chris Oladokun, Pittsburgh Steelers

After Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement, the Steelers were left with a big hole at quarterback. The Steelers signed Mitch Trubisky in the offseason and drafted hometown boy Kenny Pickett in the 1st round paving the way for their future. With both Brock Purdy & Carson Strong available at quarterback, the Steelers had better options for a backup, but regardless, they should have not been drafting a quarterback with this spot.

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