What’s Next for Baker Mayfield?

With the Browns trading for Deshaun Watson, they will fulfill Baker Mayfield’s request to part ways with the organization. The 2018 #1 overall pick didn’t live up to the franchise quarterback they were hoping for when they drafted him in their eyes. There is however, no denying that he did an impressive job of leading them to the playoffs for the first time in 20+ years and turned the franchise around while battling with injuries. Baker has proved himself as a starting caliber quarterback and some teams would be fortunate enough to have him under center which surprised us when the Texans did not want Baker included in the massive haul they received. We’ll be looking at the top 3 destinations for Baker Mayfield to go. 

#1: Indianapolis Colts

After trading away Carson Wentz, the Colts are seeking their next franchise quarterback since the Andrew Luck days as they’ve had a new quarterback every year since. The Indianapolis Colts have been named the most likely destination for Baker Mayfield to go to and all the signs are pointing for this to happen. Mayfield is only 26 years of age with plenty of years left in him, especially if he plays with the Colts who have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL led by Quenton Nelson. Mayfield would be well protected and would also be equipped with the two rising superstars in Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman Jr. Indianapolis makes sense and would give Baker the best chance to succeed. 

#2: Carolina Panthers

After missing out on landing Deshaun Watson, the Panthers have shown that they are not committed to Sam Darnold. The Panthers traded for Darnold last year after failing to make a trade with Watson during the previous offseason. The Panthers had a brief reunion with Cam Newton during the season and also allowed PJ Walker from the XFL to get some reps in over Darnold. The Panthers don’t see a future with Darnold and could make a play for the quarterback of the team they lost the Watson trade to. 

#3: Seattle Seahawks

In an earlier blockbuster trade, the Seahawks sent long-time quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. The Broncos then proceeded to sign Wilson to a long-term deal and lock him up. The Seahawks did receive Drew Lock in the trade to go along with veteran Geno Smith and Jacob Eason as the active quarterbacks on the depth chart. The Seahawks could opt to go with someone in the draft or ride it out with Lock, but both of those options would indicate they are entering rebuilding mode which their offense does not need right now. They have DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and acquired Noah Fant in the Russell Wilson trade providing them with 3 viable weapons. They should focus on getting a proven quarterback like Mayfield to come in and bring his experience with him rather than focusing on fresh as they do have enough talent in that bunch to make some playoff runs.

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