Did We Just Witness the Greatest MLB Season Ever? – 2021 American League Award Races

One of the most exciting seasons in baseball featured the rise of Shohei Ohtani and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to the top of the MLB’s best. The AL features some of the best players in baseball and we’ll be looking at which ones are most deserving of the 3 major awards for their performances this season. 

AL MVP: Shohei Ohtani – Los Angeles Angels

Shohei Ohtani is having a season that will be talked about for the next 50 years plus. We haven’t seen a 2-way player be this successful since Babe Ruth. Ohtani is top 5 in home runs and was above average in most pitching categories with a very respectable 3.28 ERA. We have never seen a season this dominant in all aspects of the field and Ohtani is not just the American League MVP, but the MVP in all of baseball. This is one of the most deserving seasons for an MVP in years.

AL Rookie of the Year: Ryan Mountcastle – Baltimore Orioles

Heading into the season, Wander Franco was the frontrunner for this but has been a bit slower getting hot this season than we expected. With his slower start, this has allowed for some other rookies to come into the scene such as Ryan Mountcastle of the Orioles. Mountcastle leads all rookies in the AL in home runs and all Orioles players as well. Mountcastle gives the Orioles hope for the future as they try to avoid finishing last in the MLB for yet another season. 

AL Cy Young: Robbie Ray – Toronto Blue Jays

In the closest race in the AL, Robbie Ray edges out Gerrit Cole to take this one home. Gerrit Cole had a great season and had more wins than Robbie Ray did. However, the Yankees have a better overall team than the Blue Jays which allowed Cole to win even when he didn’t play as well. Ray had a much better ERA and more strikeouts than Cole despite less wins which is why he should be crowned Cy Young winner.

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