Start or Sit: Week 2 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

With week 2 quickly approaching, we’ll break down which quarterbacks you should have in your starting lineup and which would be better left on your bench. We intentionally exclude players such as Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen as they should be in your starting lineup every week. 

Quarterbacks to Start in Week 2: 

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

The Packers got demolished in week 1 and Aaron Rodgers had arguably the worst performance of his entire career. Rodgers ended up being benched for sophomore Jordan Love in the 2nd half. Rodgers and management already have been at tension all offseason and this could only make matters worse. This will fuel the fire in Rodgers to go out and put up insane numbers, especially when playing one of the league’s worst teams in the Detroit Lions. 

Tom Brady – Atlanta Falcons

Brady defies all odds as he’s playing at a top-tier level in his age 44 season. Brady is still amongst the league’s best at his age and is continuing to be a top performer. Brady has a plethora of weapons at his disposal. With a weak Atlanta secondary, this is going to be a field day for Brady. 

Baker Mayfield – Cleveland Browns

Fantasy owners of Baker Mayfield didn’t exactly have the week 1 they were hoping for him. Baker played very well in the game itself as OBJ was out and will continue to be out for week 2. The Browns looked like a real playoff contender against the Chiefs and Baker was able to drive the ball down the field with ease. Baker should have better chances of finding the end zone from here on out and this will make him a reliable starter for your team.

Quarterbacks to Sit in Week 2:

Jameis Winston – New Orleans Saints

Famous Jameis is back with 5 touchdowns thrown in week 1. Winston looked like an actual starting quarterback in the NFL last week and we hope he continues playing that way. We do think last week was a bit of a fluke in the grand scheme of things and aren’t riding the Jameis wave into week 2 with a matchup looming against division rival Carolina. 

Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons 

We want to count on the traditional pass heavy offense of Atlanta to carry our fantasy teams, but the Falcons looked like a different team in week 1. Ridley was mediocre, Pitts didn’t have the career start everyone was hoping for, and Gage finished without a single catch. It was a disappointing start for Atlanta and with the way they are calling plays right now, we’re avoiding Atlanta players temporarily. 

Mac Jones – New England Patriots

We know it’s tempting to play almost anyone who is going up against the Jets. If this were most quarterbacks in the league, they’d be a lock in our lineup. However, with it being rookie Mac Jones, we haven’t seen enough out of him and the rest of the Patriots receivers for that matter to justify their fantasy relevance. We expect Jones to get the first win of his career this upcoming week after losing at home to Miami in a crazy finish.

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