2021 NFC East Predictions

In what used to be one of the most toughest and feared divisions in the NFL has been rather underwhelming in recent memory. A team with a losing record has the possibility of winning this division which is disappointing as each year the division as a whole finishes worse than projections. This year, we are hopeful that the NFC East can make face and start to look towards a brighter future in which we’ll predict the outcome of this division. 

Division Winner: Dallas Cowboys

If the Cowboys remain healthy, they have the clearest path to victory in the NFC East. However, that will be a big if as Dak is returning from ankle surgery, Zeke and Cooper are looking to play a full season and the Cowboys as a whole have had injuries on the defensive side hurting them significantly. The Cowboys when healthy can make a deep run, but have been very limited over the last couple seasons as a result. We expect this to be their bounce back year. 

2nd Place in Division: Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team has slowly been putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. The Football Team has been on the rise in recent years, but one of the biggest things holding them back is not having a franchise quarterback. After Dwayne Haskins was a major bust, Smith’s incredible injury recovery, Allen’s mediocre campaign, and now Fitzpatrick trying to keep them afloat, Washington is in need of a long-term solution at quarterback. They have a solid young core to build around in Gibson, McKissic, McLaurin, and even on the defensive side with Chase Young. Washington has room to grow and we think they will give Dallas some competition for first place, but they don’t have the x factor at quarterback to take them to the next level. 

3rd Place in Division: New York Giants

The Giants and Eagles are going to be competing to not finish last in this lowly division, but we have the Giants narrowly edging out the Eagles for the 3rd place spot. The Giants have quietly been adding talent onto their roster on their offensive line and defense to improve where needed. They have not made many flashy moves, but the Giants have shown glimpses of being a semi-relevant team again. Daniel Jones has had his fair share of embarrassing blunders that have been on Not Top 10 lists, but he has slowly progressed into a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL. If Evan Engram can catch passes, Golladay & Barkley recover from injuries, and other weapons start developing, the Giants can work their way up. 

Last Place in Division: Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts is getting his opportunity to shine after the Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Colts in the offseason. Hurts will have his first season being the full time starter after he came in the latter half of last season. Hurts is going to be a star, but we hope Devonta Smith doesn’t disappoint like the other receivers the Eagles have drafted over the last couple seasons have. The Eagles have already had a nightmare of an offseason, with several players getting injured which is not the ideal start they were looking for in Hurts first season as a starter. With injuries being the factor of this division, Eagles will round out the bottom unfortunately.

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