2021 AFC South Predictions

The AFC South has been one of the most flip-flopped divisions in the NFL since Peyton Manning parted ways with the Colts. The AFC South either is one of the NFL’s best or on the other end of the spectrum. This year it looks like it will be the latter as the Titans appear to be the lone bright spot in the mess that is the AFC South. 

Division Winner: Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are the clear winner in the disappointing AFC South. The Titans have an easy path to get to the top with the rest of the division being bad, but even without that, the Titans are one of the better teams in the NFL. They have a top 5 running back, a quarterback who has revived his career, several top receiving weapons, and a respectable defense who can hold their own when needed. The Titans are a sleeper threat at making the Super Bowl in the AFC. 

2nd Place in Division: Indianapolis Colts

Despite having one of the league’s best defenses, the Colts offense has found new ways for the Colts to lose on many occasions. The Colts offense is average, but to be a serious contender in the league they need to have difference makers who can change the game and all they have going for them is an above average running back who still has a lot to learn in sophomore Jonathan Taylor. If Carson Wentz can recover from his injury quick enough, he might do well enough with his new team to make the playoffs, but we aren’t as big on the Colts as we have been in year’s past. 

3rd Place in Division: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars enter the 2021 season as one of the youngest teams in the league. The Jaguars have been acquiring draft picks and have been getting younger over the last several seasons. The Jags also have a new coach in Urban Meyer who is looking to take his talent to the next level in the NFL. Already things are not going well for his NFL start as rookie running back and 1st round draft pick Travis Etienne is out for the season with an injury. This puts a damper on things as Etienne was going to be paired with college teammate and 1st overall pick for the Jags in Trevor Lawrence. The Jaguars aren’t going to be great, but they are at least better than the Texans. 

Last Place in Division: Houston Texans

Regardless if Deshaun Watson ends up playing for the Texans or not, we still rank them as the last place team in the division (which we don’t think he should ever play another game in the NFL ever again). The Texans invested heavily in the wrong position with the wrong players this offseason. The Texans went all-in at running back with the acquisitions of Phillip Lindsay and Mark Ingram. Not only did they not need a running back, but they also did not need to add two running backs who are in the waning years of their career. The Texans should have spent their focus on everywhere else as Watson has likely played his last game, they lost top wideout Will Fuller and future Hall of Famer JJ Watt left to join the Cardinals. The Texans are going to be one of the worst teams in the league.

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