Overvalued and Undervalued Fantasy Tight Ends

Based on ESPN Fantasy’s Average Draft Position, we’ll be looking at the top 3 tight ends who are undervalued and overvalued based on their position against other players of the same position.

Overvalued Tight Ends:

Evan Engram (ADP: TE15) – One of the most inconsistent players in football over the last several seasons, we never know what to expect from Evan Engram, but we don’t expect anything positive. Engram has found more ways to get open, but hasn’t been able to capitalize on it as he is one of the leaders in dropped passes. Engram has fallen in rankings this season but is still too high given the emergence of more receiving tight ends. 

Dallas Goedert (ADP: TE8) – Goedert steps into the #1 tight end spot on the Eagles if the trade rumors circulating Zach Ertz are true. Ertz hasn’t been in a top fantasy spot in a few seasons and we don’t think with Goedert being the guy that he will do the same. Hurts is a much different quarterback than Wentz was and we think Hurts will be better for Philly but he’ll opt for targeting younger receivers as the future of Philadelphia is changing. If Ertz does stay, this will seriously deter the amount of touches that Goedert can expect.

Noah Fant (ADP: TE10) – Fant has quietly been impressive since entering the league. We can understand Fant being in the top 10 in terms of talent of tight ends in the NFL, he certainly has it. The quarterback and offensive line situation for Denver certainly don’t help Fant’s case as a top ten fantasy tight end. If the Broncos were able to successfully acquire Aaron Rodgers as they originally anticipated, Fant would be in the top 5 case. However that is not the case as they had to settle for Bridgewater and we don’t expect their offense to be in great shape.  

Undervalued Tight Ends:

Tyler Higbee (ADP: TE17) – Last season, we saw the rapid emergence of TJ Hockenson as a stellar tight end when Matt Stafford was healthy. Matt Stafford is a significant step up from Jared Goff for the Rams which should help everyone on the Rams receiving end out. Stafford brings a serious deep arm that will allow for more yards and touchdowns bringing the fantasy value of the players around him up. One player specifically who will increase is Tyler Higbee and is being drafted much lower than a tight end with Matt Stafford as their quarterback should be drafted. 

Cole Kmet (ADP: TE23) – Cole Kmet had an average rookie season with Mitch Trubisky as the quarterback in Chicago. With uncertainty around Dalton and Fields, we don’t know if this will allow either one of them to build the true connection with sophomore Kmet as we would hope. However, even with Trubisky who was a below average quarterback, Kmet did have a few weeks where he was worth streaming on your roster last season. Fields and Dalton are both an upgrade which should help Kmet’s fantasy value. Kmet also is the likely week 1 starting tight end after Jimmy Graham announced his retirement. Kmet does not have to compete for as many looks and this is a strong case on why he is a top 15 tight end in fantasy. 

Dawson Knox (ADP: TE35) – We still see Dawson Knox as someone who will hold a bench role on your fantasy team. He might be worth streaming for a week or two in deeper leagues or if your top options are on bye or out with injury. Knox is on this list as he is listed as tight end #35 when he should be about 10 spots higher. He had an average 2020 campaign with Josh Allen and with Allen looking to outdo himself for yet another season, Knox should have even better stats. Knox is a trendy waiver wire pickup when needed.

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