Most Likely Destinations for Le’Veon Bell

After the social media outrage against coach Andy Reid, Bell has made the Kansas City Chiefs the 3rd team on his list of teams he never wants to play for again. There are more teams who wouldn’t want to sign Bell unless his attitude changed drastically which is highly unlikely. There are still a few teams in the market for the free agent looking for a new home and we’ll break down the teams most likely to take a risk on the former pro-bowler. 

New England Patriots

Arguably the favorite in landing Bell this offseason, the New England Patriots would love to have the chance to add someone of Bell’s caliber into their arsenal of signings.The Patriots have been heavy spenders looking to revamp their entire roster after a poor showing in the 2020 season. The Patriots have been known to take chances on troublesome players which could whip Bell back into shape. Bell has primarily had problems with upper management and having one of the greatest coaches to ever exist in Bill Belichick should make New England a very appealing choice.

Miami Dolphins

After missing out on their running back of the future earlier in free agency and in the draft, the Dolphins looked by as other teams snagged the players they were hoping for. The Dolphins are committed to building around Tua at quarterback and have addressed the need of a deep receiving threat by adding Will Fuller and drafting Jaylen Waddle, but are missing a key component of their offense without a notable running back. Gaskin was more than impressive for taking on the role after the disappointments of Jordan Howard and Matt Breida after the Dolphins thought they would be the answer to their never ending problem. Bell could be the last missing piece to push the Dolphins over the edge and into the playoffs. Florida also has no state income tax which is always a benefit for the Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Jaguars in trying to lure players in free agency. 

Seattle Seahawks

Chris Carson has been hit or miss the last couple seasons as he has been battling injuries. Bell and Carson both have similar play styles and are used to being workhorse running backs. With trade talks constantly swirling around with the future of Carson in Seattle, Bell could come in to give Carson competition and prove his value to the Seahawks future. The pairing of Carson and Bell could make for a lethal 1-2 punch in the backfield. Bell would bring a veteran presence without having to be the go-to guy every down giving him hope for his health and longevity in the league.

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