What to Make of the Isaiah Wilson Trade to the Dolphins

The Tennessee Titans have already parted ways with 2020 1st round pick Isaiah Wilson after only one season. Wilson has had a hard time staying in line and has had several run ins with the law during his time with Tennessee. Regardless of who is to blame for all the events that transpired since Wilson joined the Titans, we do know one thing and they aren’t willing to put up with anymore. The Titans management and Wilson haven’t spoken in months. IT was time for the Titans to move on from Wilson. 

Wilson will be joining the Miami Dolphins in a swap of 7th round picks which was essentially the Dolphins taking Wilson for free. The Miami Dolphins are an organization known for taking “problem” players into their system. Take former 1st round pick Laremy Tunsil for example. A video of Tunsil surfaced on draft night of him smoking illegal substances and his draft capitol plummeted allowing the Dolphins to snag him later than initially projected. The Dolphins were able to convert Tunsil into a Pro-Bowl caliber Left Tackle under their realm. Brian Flores has a rigorous coaching style that isn’t for everyone. Players will break under the pressure and others will prevail. Flores has a no-nonsense attitude that has allowed players such as Wilson who have dealt with issues before to turn their careers around. We expect just that to happen under Flores as he will not put up with any of Wilson’s shenanigans and if Wilson still wants to have a career in the NFL, Miami will be his last stop if he doesn’t turn things around. With that in mind, we think this trade for the Dolphins is very low risk with a high upside. The return on investment is exponential if the Georgia product can perform with the pre-draft hype he initially received.

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