NFL MidSeason Awards

Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes

With the NFL Season halfway underway, we have had an interesting season to say the least. We have seen injuries to big-name stars, young breakout players, and the return of others that has made the NFL exciting. The players on this list have had a big part in making this season exciting and in this article, we’ll break down the players that are our current predictions for winning an award. These are the players who would currently win at the Mid Season point. 


Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

In one of the most surprising facts in football, Wilson has yet to receive a first place vote for MVP in his career. This year will be different as Wilson is one of the front runners in this race. Wilson leads the league in passing yards and touchdowns with nearly 3,000 yards to his 30 touchdowns. He has had DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett to help with that success but Wilson has transformed his game and catapulted himself into being our favorite for the MVP race this season. With several tough matchups looming ahead, if Wilson can continue to play at his level, the MVP award will be very well deserved.

Offensive Player of the Year:

Dalvin Cook – Minnesota Vikings

In a tight contest between Cook, Henry and Kamara, Cook gets the edge in this contest. Dalvin Cook has been one of the league’s best rushers this season. Cook has dealt with a slight injury but has prevailed through it to be a powerhouse for the lowly Minnesota Vikings. In recent weeks, Cook has sparked new life into the Vikings who are fighting for a playoff spot. Cook has nearly 1,000 rushing yards this season and is playing some of his best football of his career.

Defensive Player of the Year:

Aaron Donald – Los Angeles Rams

Donald is a 3 time Defensive Player of the Year award and is on his pace to get his 4th with his stellar performance this season. Donald is currently 2nd in the league in sacks this season with 9 thus far and on pace for yet another monster season. Donald also has managed 3 forced fumbles and is a force to be reckoned with for running backs and quarterbacks alike. Donald is a top contender for his 4th defensive player of the year award.

Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Justin Herbert – Los Angeles Chargers

After the devastating injury to starter Tyrod Taylor, Justin Herbert has stepped into the role to lead the chargers offense. Herbert has been playing like a seasoned vet with several games over 300 yards and doing so in the absence of star running back Austin Ekeler who was placed on injured reserve earlier in the season. Herbert has been playing very well and is proving to doubters that he was the best quarterback in the draft class.

Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Chase Young – Washington Football Team

Although Chase Young has missed several weeks due to injury, this hasn’t stopped him from quietly making an impact on Washington’s defense. Washington has its fair share of weaknesses, but Young has been a bright spot managing nearly 4 sacks so far this season. With Young expected to play the rest of this season, Young should have more breakout moments and garner more sacks and big plays that will put him into the spotlight.

Comeback Player of the Year:

Alex Smith – Washington Football Team

After doctors told Alex Smith there was a probability that he would never be able to walk again, he took this news and wouldn’t let it stop him. Smith’s goal was not only to prove those doctors wrong, but ultimately play football again. Even if Smith doesn’t play well or doesn’t look like hils old self, he has made one of the most incredible journeys in the history of sports. Smith has come from the ground up to keep pushing himself to be playing at an above average level currently. Smith recently threw 390 yards in a game which if you asked that question a year ago, most would say that is impossible. Smith is well deserving of the Comeback Player of the Year Award, not only in the NFL, but in pro sports. 

Coach of the Year: 

Brain Flores – Miami Dolphins

Brian Flores has led his Miami Dolphins to a surprising 6-3 sitting in the middle of the wild card race in the AFC. The Dolphins have been a serious threat this season and have been overlooked by many. Brian Flores was a Linebackers Coach for the New England Patriots before becoming the head coach for the Dolphins. Flores has taken extensive defensive knowledge and utilized his gritty demeanor with the young Dolphins having one of the top defensive regimes in the NFL. The Dolphins offense has not needed to play as well this season but with the playoffs ahead, Flores will continue his tough mindset to try to ensure they can handle hard fought battles to lock down a spot. Whether Dolphins make the playoffs or not, if they can finish 9-7 or better than Flores should be a top contender for Coach of the Year with the way the Dolphins have exceeded all expectations for this season.

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